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play hi-fi  Bump This 2005 (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Visions Of The Future (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Short Circuit (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Lets Just Calm Down (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Chronological (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Spin A Penny (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Bubblegum (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Bump This (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Ego Drive (AIM: sound13yte)
play hi-fi  Beautiful Skies (AIM: sound13yte)
SoundByte consist of one Dj/Space Monkey/Producer. He's been following the dance scene since he was a wee willy winkie. When he started to co ordinate his hands and ears, which took some time, he started to Dj.

Obviously the logical progression was to indulge in a rather expensive powder and carry on to super star Dj status and appear on the front of a glossy magazine. Nop sorry..the logical progession was to go on and produce rather good Drum and Bass tracks that he now plays to devastate the dance a bad way...bad meaning good kinda way...anyway decide for your self.

Over and Out.
Why this name?
'Cos its really clever...yeah =)
Do you play live?
Playing live Dj sets up North (Yorkshire and Lancashire) plus some radio sets.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Good n bad..Good for the not signed...bad for the signed for a start. Not enough room to go into it here! Like the website tho ;)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
errmmm tempting
Your influences?
Every sound, Dj, piece of music and everyone I've heard!
Favorite spot?
Right about.... here!
Equipment used:
Pure software:
Logic many Vsti etc
Cool Edit
and other random softs!
Anything else...?
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