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My staging ground for ideas I'm working on... Likely to be lots of stuff in various stages of completion. It will run the gamut, too - from experimental/abstract electronica to straight-ahed pop, proggish-rock to spoken word.
Why this name?
Born with it, baby!
Do you play live?
Pulling together some stuff, hopefully. Been really busy working on everyone else's stuff.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Who knows. Probably not a major label since I don't think I'm terribly mainstream. LOL.
Your influences?
Wow... Too many to name. From Bach, Schönberg, and Cage to U2, AIC, Queen, Missy, Prince, Slint, Postal Service... Uh... Just about anything I hear usually.
Equipment used:
Sukop bass, Takamine electro-acoustic, Fender 'Bullet', Reason and ProTools at the moment. Still trying to expand...
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