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zerofour hip hop
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One of the many things I love and God's called me to do is to with young people - within hip hop culture and digital, design media. See www.myfishbites.com

Many of the tracks on here are backing tracks, simply because most of my songs are performed live and I haven't put the vocals down on CD.

Where tracks are under 'Christian Rap' they are a track I perform live. Others under 'beats' are available for sale if people are interested. Contact me via www.myfishbites.com
Why this name?
zero = me without God, four = me, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Do you play live?
DJ and MC live, produce beats, work with young people, bands, run events and more.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Er, not exactly good enough for that!
Band History:
Writing and performing hip hop since back in the day...
Your influences?
Like many influences - especially across the hip hop / r&b genre. But from other areas and live instrumentation too.
Equipment used:
Use sample CDs, Korg keys, Logic and Garage Band sounds, Ibanez electric, Takamine acoustic, Focusrite gear and Rode NT1 for vox, cutting up in Soundtrack Pro, mastering in Logic, Apple iMac
Anything else...?
'You ain't got nothing if you ain't got Christ' (Corey Red & Precise)