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trip the envelope
NEWS   newest track is "that's a nice piece of cake" recorded May/2003
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"trip the envelope" is new and attempting to stretch the limit of what can be done in the home studio, the idea is to make a few trippy, cool, tracks to listen to. A bit rock, pop, and electronic. Definitely experimental.

Why this name?
on a whim. an envelope is a tool for different types of parameters in electronic-based sequencing. the music is definately trippy.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but it's not part of the plan
Band History:
technology and software has finally become affordable to make decent tracks in your dining room, with a minimal amount of gear (hard and soft).

trip the envelope has been making music in the dining room on and off since 2001.
Your influences?
the velvet underground, stereolab, my bloody valentine, mogwai, sianspheric, readymade, paik, and many others (a lot of post rock), also kc accidental, boards of canada, tristeza
Equipment used:
FL Studio 4.1, V-Amp2, Gibson SG copy guitar, Behringer MX602A mini-mixer, a cheap Behringer vocal microphone, Edirol PCR-30 midi controller, Edirol MA-10a micro studio monitors
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