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Fretwell Flutes
NEWS   In addition to writing and performing Native American Flute Music. Our small family business makes flutes, and deer or elk hide bags for your Native American Flute. Stop by our website:
Walk In Balance,
Lisa Fretwell
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Fretwell Flutes
A Family of Flute Makers and Performers

Our primary goal is to encourage the use of the Native American Flute as a healing instrument and meditation instrument.

About The Music
You can listen to our music here on soundclick for Free. We would be honored to have you add our music to your soundclick station or other website.
You can purchase a copy of our songs here on soundclick and download them to your computer and listen to them when you are not online. Support from our listeners is greatly appreciated.
You can purchase our music in CD Format at our website and play it in your car, home, or office.

Visit our Website:

About The Flutes

We make the flutes.

We'd love to make you a flute.

Our Guarantee

You can play your flute with ease.
Your flute will have superior sound quality.
You can play at tremendous volume, without the aide of a microphone.
Your flute will be tuned to standard A440 pitch.

Visit our Website:

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Hear The Flutes
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"Yep ! It's Here!

Hey y'all,
Well, my flute has arrived, and just as I had hoped, I'm beyond satisfied. The tuning is perfect. The tone will make anyone drool,... or swoon, lol.
I've looked at every inch of it to find at least one little defect. And I can't find one. The craftsmanship and detail is the best I've ever seen.
I'm assuming Jerry made this one. Please tell him thanks for me, and he's done beyond an excellent job. He absolutely will be making me more in the future.
Now, back to the tunes !
Take care and thanks again."

~~Randall Schubert
Internet Customer
Tn ~ U.S.A. 


"Apreciated Jerry and Lisa,

THANKS! I have no words for your treasure. I feel like a child!!. The flute sounds like heaven!! Today arrive at home.
I attached the picture that we just did. She is Esther my wife and singer. ...I hope that you understand my poor english, jajaja... I will try to record something interesting with your/our winded treasure.

With our heart.

Roger and Esther."

~~Roger Subirana
Internet Customer
Barcelona, Spain 

Why this name?
Our name choice is simple. It's our family name (Fretwell).
Do you play live?
We play live, regionally in the mid-west. We love to play live. It's the time when we get the magic back from our listeners.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet, and specifically mp3's, will have an eventual positive change in the music industry. The musician will have more say over the music they make and more variety of music will be available.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, we would sign with a label. It's still the best way to "mass market" your music.
Band History:
Lisa Fretwell - Native American Flute, Keyboards, Rhythm, and Vocals

Jerry Fretwell:
Music has always been a big part of my life. I started playing guitar and singing around the age of 14. In the last 30-some years I have toured and played in bands all over the country.

Jesse Fretwell:
Jesse started playing at a very young age. He plays guitar, some keyboard, and Native American Flute.
Your influences?
Our musical influences are as diverse as day is to night. We have been influenced by a wide range of artists. From Miles Davis to Allman Brothers to Etta James to Fleetwood Mac to Allison Kraus to Pink Floyd to etc.... The list goes on and on. The world has so much good music to hear.
Favorite spot?
"The Blue Ridge Mountains" of Virginia.
Fretwell Flutes - Cherubs
Lisa and Jerry Fretwell
Lisa's Grandfather - Chief Eagle Friend
Jerry and Lisa Performing
Jerry and Jesse - National Audio Theatre 2006
Lisa - Ozarks Public Television - 2010
Fretwell Family - Live 2005
Jerry - Live in Virginia