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The Law C2004 Mike Shev
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Techno Dance Music
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play hi-fi  Robots C 1990 and 2005 Mike Shev
Stilo Novo is a Mike Shev music project that is a unique blend of genres such as Techno, Acid House, Trance, Hip Hop, and Alternative Industrial combined with memorable catchy clique phrases and soulful vocals.
It’s a project so complete and packed with possible club hits and fan favorites that any DJ, Radio Station, Club, or Music Store not carrying the 2 latest CD's "IN THE NEW style" and
"The Eclectic" in their catalogue is
missing the trend.

Why this name?
The name Stilo Novo is Latin for 'New Style'.
Do you play live?
Stilo Novo used to play live in Philly but at this time does not perform live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet opened the door to many talented bands and artists to network, promote, and discover resources to further themselves and the music industry.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Stilo Novo is looking for record deals, publishing contracts for movie and game scores, or contracts to write for other artists.
Band History:
Stilo Novo is a Mike Shev Music Project
with over 30 years of music & production experience.
Michael's biography has been consistently listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in America for art graphics, photography, authorship, and music achievements. These achievements have given a name recognition and following across the globe for these many forms of art that have even reached popularity and recognition as far reached as England, Russia and Japan.

Production credits include co production of FOU's Pepsi commercial,
City Life's 'Stand Up Soldiers' gulf war song, and own EP and CD's
prior to the 2 recent Stilo Novo Projects
"In The New style" and "The Eclectic" CD's.
**Look for a third CD to come out in early 2005 called "The Aggression"***

Live Performances: Penn State Ogontz Campus,
The Barn-The Cell Block- and the Underground Clubs all located
in Bensalem, PA. Philly Cookbook, The Barbary in Philly, Alibis in West Chester,
Neon Nights in Hundred, West Virginia,Nayabinghis in Morgantown, WV,
First Avenue in MN, Fernandos in MN, En La Playa in Pensacola, FL,
Taradactals in Charlotte NC, Carneys & the Pub both in Phila.

Music recordings played at most of those clubs plus:
Revivals in Philly, The Aero Squadron Suburban Philly, Mardis Gras N.E. Philly,
Neshaminy Inn, Planetarium Media P.A., Strikers in Fort Walton Beach FL,
Drexel, Princeton, U of P, and Bucks County Community College radio stations,
Various other college and national radio stations including KROQ in L.A.
Now being played in various online radio stations and offline stations including in the UK.

News Paper & Magazine Listings:
Courier Times Music Show Case, Philly Rock Guide,
East Coast Rocker (demodula and Blacklist sections), Phila Inquirer,
Phila City Paper-(City Billboard),& The Music Paper (showcase section).

Your influences?
My Influences are Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Die Warsau, Virgin Prunes, NIN, Ministry, Joy Division/New Order, Bauhaus, Psychedelic Furs, Wire, Depeche Mode, Dee-Lite, Gary Numan, OMD, ODW, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend and so on. However my music project rarely reflects those influences of styles directly, since it's a different genre I am performing on the CD, but it does help to create an edge and uniqueness to my music. My soon to be released "THE AGGRESSION" will have more of a MInistry/NIN type sound, more industrial then my last 2 CD's.
Favorite spot?
I was born and raised in Philly, south street and downtown is where it's at there. However, when I visit Orlando my favorite spot is Club Independence.
Equipment used:
I use virtual synths and samplers and midi sequencing programmers to make my beats, sounds, and rhythms then use mixing and loop programs to sync, mix, and place FX on them.
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