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Brandy of the Damned
Michael Chocholak & Ooy - Orbiting an Abyss
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02/19/11 @ 02:40 PM     post a comment
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from The Hadron Suite on Triple Bath
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The electronic and electroacoustic musics of Michael Chocholak. Soundscapes; abstract, visceral and imagick. Structured improvisations, surreal architectures, alternate mythologies. Music for the imagination as well as the ears. A fair amount of it probably qualifies for what Laurie Anderson termed 'the Difficult Listening Hour', but of all that I've written, this is the music I feel closest to.

Most of the tracks here are listed as 'experimental', but I believe Edgard Varese said it best; "I do not write experimental music. My experimenting is done before I write the music. Afterward it is the listener who must experiment."
Why this name?
Nothing intrinsically diabolical... George Bernard Shaw refered to music as "The brandy of the damned" and I've always thought that phrase had a nice ring to it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Greater choice... always a good thing when it comes to music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would be nice to think that major labels would rekindle their interest in this kind of music, but it's not very likely.
Band History:
I have issued over 25 independent releases including collaborations with cyberpunk writer and rocker John Shirley, German electronic music pioneer Conrad Schnitzler, Canadian text/sound composer and performer Richard Truhlar, Australian sound artist Rik Rue, the Schreck electroacoustic Ensemble, poets David Memmott and Mel Buffington, the garage band Leather Smile, and my wife, Misha Nogha.

My music has been released in all recorded and broadcast formats, and I have composed for film, video, graphics, dance, theatre, literature, poetry, as well as studio and live performance.

It all started with piano when I was four - which my folks sold when I absolutely refused to take 'lessons'. And a 7 string guitar... check out the Michael Chocholak page for my guitar tracks.
Your influences?
Edgard Varese, Miles Davis, Pablo Neruda, Max Ernst, radio waves, wind, water, wood, metal, the sonic world at large.
Equipment used:
Skin drum to pc. I work with a broad spectrum of sound and any sound source is considered a potential instrument.
Anything else...?
Get focused.

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