*NEW* Sticks - Lil Baby x 808 Mafia Type Beat
Dirty South
$20 Lease | Buy 1, Get 10 Free | | @KillaJGetItPopn
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play hi-fi  I love You
play hi-fi  T.O.N.E.S sick person
play hi-fi  aaa
play hi-fi  silent hill - Sample
play hi-fi  Piss on Her! (Remix)
play hi-fi  Rape Killin season
play hi-fi  The Unholy Spirits
play hi-fi  MBox Creepy Sample
play hi-fi  Sick Symphony
play hi-fi  The Happy Song
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How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes the internet helps people with their music productions.. Let more people hear what they got all over the world other than just their own city.
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