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Band History:
You might have caught that street corner, between the heated conversation of flute, viola and voice; howling ripping into city noise. Be fooled. Aoka is from the future: A million alter egos and they all have great smiles. Smashing genres of music together in high heels off rooftops, spitting firecracker sounds into transistor radios, and afflicting the world with madcap inspiration. She's got space boots and rockets, superhero soul, and a one two that will knock your lights out.

She’s bare, armed with authenticity; accompanying everything from wheels screeching, sweat pouring, fire punk to deliciously seductive sexed-up jazz. Her exploits are as diverse as her reality: funk, soul, electronica, rock and roll, hip-hop, doo-wop, rockabilly and more. In the last couple of years she has been traveling; hiking into canyons, jumping off cliffs and gazing into shooting stars. Recently, she was whisked down south into the arms of long lost musical soulmates who carried her with xylophones and tiny pianos into big big dreams

vocalist+ producer+ beats+ noise+ keys+ drums+ synths+ madness+ theremin+ bass+ soul+ hot shit+ funk+ psychedellia+ electro+ spy+ downtempo+ flute+ toy machines+ insanity = big big dreams

big big dreams: now recording new album out 03.03.10

Your influences?

gogol bordello, nick drake, the beta band, billie holiday, cape verde, Pavement, nostalgia 77, leonard cohen, The Flaming Lips, jose gonzalez, tricky, Nina Simone, Cut Copy, noisettes, toubab krew, tv on the radio, Troubleman, Desmond Dekker, Kid Koala, beiruit, Alpha, Devo, bad brains, Tom Waits, Air, Mr.Scruff, neutral milk hotel, Bittersweet, Blondie, Coldcut, James Hardway, Radiohead, Husky Rescue, Taken by Trees, The Roots, the CAI, Greenskeepers, Loopity Goofs, wolf mother, Ming and FS, Sonic Youth, Jon Kennedy, Jaga Jazzist, Quantic, Alice Russell, Blackalicious, marvin gaye, Break Reform, The Buzzcocks, lunachix, Ben Mono, Badmarsh & Shri, love and rockets, Capitol A, fleet foxes, BassNectar, donavan, the violent femmes, Outcast, Inverse Cinematics, La Tigre, Cuica, Ray charles, Bahamadia, Man or Astroman, Gorillaz, P'Taah, iron and wine, Thunderball, Goldfrapp, Jurrasic Five, Color Filter, The Clash, Herbaliser, Daniel Johnston, Bluprint, Ammon Contact, Brazilian Girls, Boca 45, L.A. Carnival, Arrested Development, Lilly Allen, the polyhonic spree, Connie Prince & The Keystones, Pest, Moodorama, Slope, St Germain, Micatone, Belle and Sebastian, Emo, the talking heads, Joy Divison, De La Soul, The Kinks, Harmonic 33, Supergrass, Caia, The Avett Bros, Zero 7, Arctic Monkeys, Slowpho, Gravy Train, Etta James, The Stone Roses, King Kooba, Colette, elvis, Burnt Friedman, Nada Surf, Fragile State, Shuggie Otis, jill scott, the beastie boys, Portishead, Andy Caldwell, Mo'Horizons, Stevie Wonder, Dj Krush, Riton, Nuspirit Helsinki, The Beanuts, Archers of Loaf, Tosca,Dr Dog, Os Mutantes, spoon, Sharpshooters, Up, Bustle, and Out, erakah badu, Danny Breaks, the pixies, EQ!, Eddy Meets Yannah, Greyboy, Boozoo Bajou, UKO, Bat for Lashes, Dj Heather, Thievery Corporation, REM, J Dilla, elliot smith, Lykke Li, neutral milk hotel,The Strike Boys, Louis Armstrong, Hexstatic, radical face, U.N.K.L.E, Blonde Redhead, The Postal Service, Digable Planets, Aretha Franklin, Megablast(Makossa&Megablast), Biggabush, Faithless, Purple Penguin, caribou, Arto Lindsay, Plej, Flunk, the beatles, Koop, Llorca, Lamb, the circle jerks, Boards of Canada, Nicolette, One Self, The Pharcyde, Happy Mondays, feist, Skalpel, Mary J Blige, Dialated Peoples, Cinematic Orchestra, andrew bird, Kaskade,Sofa Surfers, big audio dynamite, Felix Laband, The Black Keys, Dual Control, Al green, devendra banhart, Nicola Conte, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Square One, Jimpster, citizen cope, Treva Whateva, Neko Case, Bonobo, 9Lazy9, Lena, Ohmega Watts, the Black Ghosts, and the Heptones.
Favorite spot?
new york, san francisco, hawaii
Anything else...?
things i like: Drinks and giggles. Being inspired. Climbing mountains in chucks. Singing labels of soup cans like Elvis. Relishing in my child like sense of wonderment. Bike gangs down hills with 40's in my basket. Reading really really fast. Staying up all night for a spontaneous dance party, sing a long, flash mob or slip n slide. Occupying my free time with art. Cliff jumping. Wandering alleys while singing. Hiking. Go carting on slick tracks. Remaining optimistic enough to be hopeful yet jaded enough to be funny. Wheat-paste, sidewalk chalk, graffiti and urban expression. Building Fires. Trying on delicate shoes. Being unafraid. Playing four square till the sun comes. Beach caves. Giving love truly. Kung-fu beat-boxing in the park. Teaching kids. Social consciousness, activism, release, expression, and the art of opinion. Canyons. Getting lost in libraries, toggling books, on all the things I find amazing in the universe. The ocean at night. Snow camping. Being genuine while lying for kicks. Decorating myself. Rope Swings. Caring, really caring about humanity without losing my mind to pc robots or triple-vegan celibacy. Being ninja. Playing an everyday superhero. Pictured knowledge. And music. oh how I love music.
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