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NEWS   Aeon's Promise is in the process of making music videos and producing our next cd..peace in our risen Lord! The only path to Heaven, all others are liars and thieves
Hear The Sound
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a mixture of flamenco, blues, gospel, and rock..
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Aeon's Promise is a concept band formed from friends of John Layne. John began the project to proclaim to the world the supernatural teachings of Christ and how they can break the chains of death, pain, and fear . Some may say the intensity of the music is not reverant enough for their taste, others say it is some of the most powerful music ever produced because of the depth of the lyrics. Either way one thing is for sure, you will never hear anything like it . For those that say the spirit of Christian Rock is not of Christ, we say, find the passion in your search. The world today needs a relationship with Jesus, a living relationship with the Living Lord of Life. The Bible is only intended to be a beginning point, and know that Christ wrote it and he Lives!!!!
It is good to study His ways within it, but it is Jesus who gives life.. it is better to talk with Him and seek His ways in your life, through repentance of sin and love..God can teach the rocks more in a glance than a lifetime of study without seeking His way...and having that living relationship the Bible was written for..
We of the Aeon's Promise band understands that Christ called all who hear him in their lives to serve all mankind, not just a few who dress "appropriately" according to some man's idea of rightiousness, or act good when no men are. Only Christ can light your path, only Jesus saves, not Mohammed, not a birthright of ancestery, All men have and do fall short. So the point of our music is to declare that the only path to God is of a personal relationship with the risen Saviour, Because Man Don't know a thing....hehehehe.....that is what the song says....: ).sidebar..I have seen there are 2 catagories of souls in this world, all fall down in the mud, the first gets up angry that he fell being too proud, and the second kisses the mud and is thankful it stopped their fall.....Share experiences yes, accept ministers or priest as the word of God, absolutely not, God is his own word..Ask their opinion yes.. But accept no man as the enlightened path.. only Christ is wise..Seek him with all your heart, mind and soul!!!

Aeon's Promise has literally stirred the world in the underground arena. Now playing in over 30 countries, they have received reviews describing Aeon's Promise to Frank Zappa goes to church,& RadioHead in a spiritual soup, with influences from King Crimson, Moody Blues, and Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana. Of course some reviews describe us as pretty much baked...but thats OK..each to their own.. all we know is that Jesus lives and the world today is obviously destined for ruin as it has been through the ages..all civilizations turn to dust in time, why? Because the ways of God are not the ways of men.. societies are blessed by their path towards God..but men have imperfect vision thus the path fades..Lets be honest.. we can't concrete the world and call it Gods will.. he was certainly capable of creating a concrete world if that is what he wanted.. and as mankind was "fruitful and multiplied" we could not lay down as the Lion with the lamb and not be brutally oppressed as history so glaringly demonstrates.. so the point is.. the world is a playpen designed in this fallen state (since the fall in Eden)where mankind finally understands their imperfection to a supernatural reality..that is why understanding takes more than reading.. it takes a living walk,,with a living Lord...Be Blessed..Be strong..Know Jesus is your way Home...

The drummer is John's old friend Larry "thickgroove" Carter who is known from NY to Nashville for session work on rock, country, and jazz projects. Larry is an accomplished pro having toured for years with Lou Dewitt of the Statler Brothers. But make no mistake about it this brother can rock!!!
John Layne plays all instruments and wrote and the music/lyrics on "Chrystal Masses and the Streets of Gold". Larry indeed was an inspiration, and came up with the concept of Zero Hour.

More songs are under way, but the studio has now relocated to Florida and projects will soon again be in progress..
Thank you worldwide for your support, our music flows underground and has found many listeners at the wells...on all continents, in all hearts...whether its a conscious beat, or the heartbeat pushing your blood, Aeon's Promise is there...

We can now be heard worldwide on the internet at..
drop in their site and say hello to ministerO, and listen for some great Christian Music!!!

Why this name?
I chose the name because it means the promise of God. Ready for Heaven?
Aeon's is pronounced with a silent A and long E.
This is old English, pre Websters dictionary. The modern translation is Eon as in infinite time.

Do you play live?
We love to play live but have been concentrating on future recordings more than local jobs. Although we have been offered a few shows on a stadium concert level, a complete tour has not developed, so playing live looks less likely, unfortunately. But we'll get to play in Heaven, and rock all in the name of Jesus!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In our case it has spread the music around the world, we are grateful to our many friends worldwide for their efforts to get this music heard in the largest cities and most remote jungles and deserts on earth.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, Would enjoy say a summer festival tour each year..Yep, we would beat up on em, the audience would sure remember us...hehehehe...I'm sure with the right exposure we could be a force in the world's music scene, despite we are in our 30's, 40's and 50's...but we aren't a rap band or a speed metal band, we are an innovative eclectic rock band with varying influences...whose music is intended to express faith and give hope, and let all know that Jesus Christ is Savior!!!
I think there are more folks receptive to such musical discussions than the industry realizes..
And then there is resistance from some religious leaders, but God finds His way, underground where the heart is fertile...
Our bassist John Derricott has strong friendships with the Dave Matthews band, so I assume they have heard about us and at this point don't want the controversy..Hey its their buck...

Band History:
New band, never toured.
Friends of John Layne, very powerful and eclectic band. Really don't see the difference between an Aeon's Promise practice and a Yes /ELP/Jimi Hendrix concert, a musical event with Christian wonder.Don't be afraid to dream, this world will not fulfill you.

Your influences?
Yes, Hendrix, King Crimson, Nirvana, Soungarden and Stevie Ray Vaughan This music is powerful and full of burning guitars, keys, and a heavy bass with lyrics which call you home.
The blend of spirituality and power make for interesting listening and is complete with psychedelic dreamscapes sure to make your neighbors think you're weird. Cool huh?
God is so coooool!!!!! Be hot or cold, for the lukewarm have a hard road to hoe!

Favorite spot?
In Jesus Heart! But to answer in man's way, Waikoloa, Big Island Hawaii, and live in Blue Ridge Mountains, VA. I also really enjoy The Bay of Fundy in Canada if I spelled it right, forgive me eh?, and the reefs of Florida.
All are awesome!!!!!!
Equipment used:
Pierced Hand Screaming Records is a digital studio nestled on a mountainside outside Charlottesville, Va. in a peaceful setting.
John Layne enjoys recording at all times of the day or night, when the inspiration is there at His mountain home and studio.
John plays a vintage Les Paul, a travis Bean bass, and Taylor acoustics. Special effects are handled by Steinberg plug ins, as well as tube compressors. Orange Vocoders are responsible for the Chrystal sounding angelic or robotic voices on the cd. Kawai and Korg provide the key sounds at the studio.

Anything else...?
This music is not for the timid, it is hard hitting with hauntingly powerful lyrics that call you home. The folk songs run sweet and strong, with a mix of classical and jazz thrown in.
Totally unique Aeon's Promise is now being heard on many radio stations across America, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

John Layne of the Aeon's Promise band
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