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Moonmen Live's World Headquarters!

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Loyal Moonmen Fans,

The new album, titled "Earth Monsters v. the People", has been completed. It features 14 songs and fifty minutes of almost entirely brand-new, unheard material. We're pricing it at $10, which I think is pretty reasonable for fifty of the greatest minutes of your adolescent life.

The Master Cuts and R. Pat are the progenitors and nurturers of the album's concept, but we've had plenty of help writing the songs along the way. Especially featured are the esteemed Baron Wilhelm von Excitement, Monsieur Brandywine d'Weislak, and the enigmatic "Luke" of beatmastering fame. And of course, the always heart-wrenching MC Doyle and Co. provided a considerable share of material and spiritual input--and don't forget Teet "The Speet" Duran, for much a clutchmastered vox for many a MOONMEN show.

The album focuses on the eccentric, but poignant, story of the fuzzy-blooded Monsters of Earth. Known to humans mostly for their "monster parties", irreverent animalistic behaviors, and general "soul", four Monsters--The Werewolf, The Mummy, The Count Dracula, and The Frankenstein--band together in a small, crowded apartment on the West Side and try to live a life of relative normality. They have jobs, eat food, and pay their taxes like any red-blooded human on Earth. But, as has been the case throughout much of our history, these Monsters are rounded up and incarcerated--not for breaking the law--but for simply being different.

It soon becomes clear to the humans that these Monsters cannot be left in jail. Singing the blues on a two-stringed guitar and cooking pot to incite revolt among their jailmates, these Monsters are a threat to the entire jailing system. It soon becomes clear that there is only one place where they can be kept from causing any more trouble: the Moon.

The Monsters are subsequently exiled to the stars in a rickety old V2 from the Space Race years. They crash into a moon crater and step out of the ship confused and bewildered--but unfazed. With an undying thirst to live on and avenge their exilers, the Monsters struggle to maintain their basic sustenance from the dusty soil, their fuzzy-blooded respiratory system allowing them the capacity to breathe in and make use of the thin moon-air. They explore the rocky terrain in search of food and shelter.

What the Monsters find in their exploration of the Moon--and in themselves--is something they could have never dreamed of. Prepare to be dazzled and astounded as MOONMEN take you on a sonic voyage to the moon and back. If you're not wiping away a tear from your eye by the end of the moon-fadeout on the last track, we promise you a hot dog. And that's the MOONMEN guarantee.
Do you play live?
We play live when we can. Unfortunately, because we're all in different cities, this doesn't happen as often as you'd like. Watch out this summer though.

But, in any case, here is a nearly comprehensive list of the members of our live band:

The Players:

Dan Dery (The Little Pianoboy): Various Pianisms; Sex Synths.

Tito Duran (The Ladyman): Extreme Vocals; Mourning, Wailing, and General Moon-Sorrow; Stuart Murdoch Impressions

Patrick Kolodgy (The Lifeblood): Elegiac Guitars; Operetta Vocals; Affectation

Baron Wilhelm von Excitement (The Lord's Child): Cantankerous Bassmonstering; Spiritual Guidance

The Drummer (The Letter-winner): Disco Support; Funk Administrator

Brandon Weislak (The Lecher): Delay Chef; Dream Riffs; Jammaster Extraordinaire

Thank you.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if they're willing to give us multi-million dollar contract with which we are able to produce a rather inaccessible and lo-fi concept album about monsters being unfairly exiled to live on the moon and their subsequent struggles with assimilation to the moonmen way of life, a short film as its sequel in which the only remaining creature of the moon (a being born of monster and moonmomma) is sent back to earth and, having been raised by peasants, journies to discover his roots, and a dramatic play as the final act of the trilogy in which this moonmonster, know as Lord Thomas, rises to great power on earth only to be cut down by his tragic flaw.
Equipment used:
Boss BR-532 Acid 4.0 the pedals the guitarz the drumz the bazz the keybords.
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