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David Maguire
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David Maguire has been playing music for most of his life. He started performing when he was only eight, and later spent years playing the bar scene in New England and Florida. Tiring of that, he took a long break and came back determined to write and play his own songs.

For the last seven years, he has split his time between his home in northeastern Vermont and Nashville, working on his songwriting and playing live engagements. He plays occasionally throughout New England, and he can be seen in Nashville at such prestigious venues as the Bluebird Café. He is currently planning regional tours throughout the country in support of the release of hi new CD, Lucky Dog.

Just like he travels back and forth between New England and Tennessee, David’s music travels the roads between contemporary folk and country, with the large part of acoustic singer/songwriter thrown into the mix. He strives to write songs with comfortable yet creative melodies, with lyrics that are understandable without being trite or cliche.

When he’s fooling around, he comes up with stories about NASCAR wanna-bes (Turn Left Go Fast), quirky ways of expressing unrequited love (Lucky Dog) or ode's to his favorite season (Summer Coming On). He is at his best when he ventures into the field of common and universal human emotion and experience: the search for strength in a hard world (Tarpaulin Cove), the last good-bye to a true love (Lesson Learned) or the hopelessness of a relationship that is just not destined to be (Townie Boy).

David’s intimate yet strong voice and fluid acoustic guitar wrap around these songs and present them in a way that have had audiences shaking there heads in agreement.

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Do you play live?
I love playing out live Recent "special moments" have been, opening for Jonathan Edwards at the Burke Moutain (VT) Music Series, and a great show I had in March at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, when most of my family surprised me by coming from all over the East Coast to see the show.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a whole new day. How it will all play itself out, no one knows.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I've been playing professionally since I was 18; over 30 years ago. Spent a lot of nights in a lot of bars, singing other people's songs to people who weren't listening. I gave that up a long time ago, took a long break from performing, and came back about seven years ago, writing and singing my own songs and trying to break into the songwriting community in Nashville.
Your influences?
I was brought up on the singer/songwriters: James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, John Denver, Jimmy Buffett, Jonathan Edwards. I also admire folk artists such as David Wilcox, Cheryl Wheeler and Richard Shindell. When I delve into country music, it's the songwriting that I'm looking for from such artists as Tony Arata, Beth Nielson Chapman, Rivers Rutherford, Skip Ewing and about a dozen others.
Favorite spot?
If I had to choose a city, Boston is a great city (except for the cold winters); Nashville, of course. My favorite place to be is anywhere on a boat or on a beach.
Equipment used:
Martin D35 and Taylor 810 guitars.