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Eklektasy is a true phenomenon, strangely compelling, invitingly surreal and incredibly attractive. Eklektasy is one of those very rare occurrences in the world that cannot help but affect everyone touched by it. Once touched, you will never be the same again.
Each member of Eklektasy is a professional and accomplished artist having both solo albums to their credit as well as a celebrity performance list to drool over, but their burning passion is the music of Eklektasy.
Not content to live in the glories of the past, they are moving forward to create new vistas of musical delights. Comprised of members Melissa, (lead vocals) Dale, (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) Brent, (lead guitar) Rob, (bass guitar) and Lionel, (drums and percussion) they each challenge one another to write, arrange and perform music that is as technically challenging as it is catchy and interesting, blending elements of classical, jazz, Latin, blues, pop, metal and classic rock with their very own signature sound. In particular, Melissa’s voice is utterly divine, teasing the full spectrum of emotions out of you within just a few songs, touching your very soul.
Hearkening back to the early days of rock music, Eklektasy has inspired the beginnings of another “mania” with their highly creative and amazing songs. Eklektasy is truly at the forefront of a brand new genre, a genre not identified by a musical style per se, but instead by an intrinsic quality - a “holistic” band playing “radiant rock” music. Rather than conform to the fleeting fads of the minute, Eklektasy music is a welcome and timely alternative to the manufactured sounds currently being offered to music lovers.
Why this name?
Eklektasy is a concept and word that founding member Dale coined to describe “the state of being eclectic”, an accurate description of this band.
Do you play live?
We play live as often as we can, we just love being in front of an audience. We play stadiums, auditoriums, fairs, festivals, just about anywhere. So far our favorite was an outdor festival that was completely rained out with the exception of the 300 or so dedicated fans that stuck it out to the end. It was a magical time.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
No doubt that it has already changed, since the physical product that contained the music is no longer necessary, or at least has drastically changed form. Marketing music by having it contained on a "thing" that can be mass produced, distributed through retail outlets, controlled and priced for maximum profit is a thing of the past. New ways have to be thought out and developed, while still maintaining some control over your creation. I think that the most talented bands that can really put on a great show will be the ones that survive and propser.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, as long as we had a lot of control over our creative endeavors, could choose the type of venues we wanted to play and it was a win-win situation for everyone.
Band History:
Eklektasy beginnings are nearly a decade ago after a chance meeting of founding members Melissa and Dale. They began performing original material as a duo a couple of years later, but it soon became apparent that Eklektasy was destined for bigger and better things. Fans could not get enough of the musical duo and a band was soon formed to accommodate the richness of the musical tapestry that is characteristic of Eklektasy music. The first full band incarnation put them at the top of their local music scene within another year. Personal crises blew the band up after only a year and a half, but that was what brought Melissa and Dale closer together. A One year band hiatus for Dale and Melissa plus three years of third-world travel, international humanitarian work and Spiritual awakening has now put Eklektasy at the top of their form. Adding new members Brent, Rob, and Lionel, Eklektasy is back, leaner and better than ever. Like their travels, Eklektasy is all over the musical map.
Your influences?
With some fans comparing them to groups like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rush, Supertramp and Fleetwood Mac, a great song is simply a great song. Not constrained by trends or formulas, Eklektasy simply writes great, instantly loveable music - artistic music that you want to sing along to on your very first listen. Lyrically pungent with thought provoking and poetic social commentary, insightful protest, aching romance and undying love, combined with powerful melodic hooks, these songs get stuck in your head straight away. They stay there, blissfully. It is love at first listen and you never tire of them, immediately putting them into the same category as your favourite classics.
Favorite spot?
London, England
Anything else...?
Also a dedicated “cause” band, Eklektasy has promoted worthy charities and donates funds to humanitarian causes with proceeds from their concerts and CD sales, including local food banks, the Show of Hearts, War Affected Children, and others. Eklektasy promotes lyrical content that is non-offensive, positive, relevant and still highly intelligent and interesting.
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