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NEWS   My 3rd self-produced album with 14 songs, the Dream of Flight, is now available at iTunes and CD Baby for $9.99.
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Queenie is a character from a parallel world that I invented. She's an outcast half-white, half-Japanese daughter of a geisha who becomes a courtesan in 19th century France.

I am Kimberly Steele, a horror writer & musician. I am best known for my first novel, Forever Fifteen, which was the first free vampire audiobook on the internet.

Photos, news, more music at

My latest album, the Dream of Flight are available as single songs or as full albums on iTunes and other digital retailers. There are also free songs all over my website,

Remix Queenie

I have uploaded lots of totally free open-Creative Commons License material including a capellas for remix at
CC Mixter. You can even use the stems commercially, no need to ask additional permissions!

Why this name?
Queenie was a name taken from a novel by Michael Korda.
Do you play live?
The Queenie live album, Untouched, is available through CD Baby
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is a wonderful way for independents, especially the obscure ones like me, to reach supportive individuals who truly understand their music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. I'm not what they want.
Band History:
Thank you, fans of Queenie and Forever Fifteen. I love your emails and I read every one.
Your influences?
Happy Rhodes, Enya, Sting, Helen Trevillion, Priscilla Hernandez
Favorite spot?
Forests and vivid dreams of open skies at twilight.
Equipment used:
ProTools, Reason
Anything else...?


Dream in color, sound, and light . . . Do you remember when you had a dream of flight?
Q U E E N I E M U S I C . C O M

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