Chemistry (SickPigRecords)

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play hi-fi  shine forever (vocal hardcore sneeky peeky)
play hi-fi  Women (sneek preview) bangin uk hardcore
play hi-fi  chem project 4
play hi-fi  chem project 3
play hi-fi  chem project 2
play hi-fi  chem project 1
play hi-fi  Lithium Uk Hardcore
play hi-fi  Maxday 14th jan
play hi-fi  Inbound
play hi-fi  summer04
HardCore Need We Say More

sick pig records
Chemistry is a Group of 3


pure computer music no expencive tools for us lol
(no mo money)
Why this name?
Hardcore xtc
Do you play live?
no only mix our tunes

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
makes us work harder for less reward (bothered)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
all mates since we were kids united by our love of hardcore
Your influences?
Dj SY Dj SY Dj Gamma
Favorite spot?
what for if its party then it was sancturay R.I.P but now seone in birmingham
Equipment used:
a pc (Athlon xp 1700 768mb pc133 ram 40GB + 20GB HDD Dinosaur monitor lol super funkey flashy case no overclock (sis730) tanoy studio monitors sometimes lol
Anything else...?
look we are lookin for feedback here so all is