NEWS   Just recently we played Battle of the Bands at Harvest moon here in our home town. Also before that we performed at Club Extreme with Downpipe. Now we are at the point where we are going to write our own music for a while and if a show comes up then we will play it. We will also attempt to perform at Floyds Music in Tallahassee, Fl. in the near future. So just keep an eye out and we will post any shows that we have in the future.
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Welcome to the new N-Fusio-N web site!
Why this name?
The name comes from the word Infusion, meaning to ignite or infuse. Hence whenever we get together to create music the room is infused with energy.
Do you play live?
Yes. We play a lot of small venues here in our home town of Albany, Ga. But we are hoping to expand to Florida, Alabama, and other surrounding states.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is fast, therefore people can search fast. Which in turn means that, in all reality, anything that is faster is better, especially for the lazy, which most of us rockers are. Except when it comes to our music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
At the drop of a dime!
Band History:
In 1999, Jason Langley and Jacob Teter started jamming in Jason's room. They didn't have much room but they made the best of it. Jacob didn't even have a guitar of his own, so he played on Jason's dads acoustic guitar which was run through a small Peavey amplifier. They wanted to form a band but they didn't know anyone who played the same kind of music they did. They were referred to a guy named Jonathan Walker by one of their friends. He came out and started practicing with them. They moved their practice space from Jason's room to an old car shop that was owned by one of their friends.

After a year of playing they still had nothing to show for and their morale was down. Jonathan left the band and it almost broke them up. They discovered an ad at Parker Music about some guys that were looking for a drummer. They responded and discovered that it was three guys, one of which was Adam Edge. They clicked with Adam, but not with the other two guys, and after little negotiation they convinced Adam to join them in their quest to form a band
They still needed a bassist and a singer, so a friend of Adams named Jim Gay took on the role of singer. And as for the bassist, they were referred to a boy named Frank Mills, by a guy that worked at Parker Music, and thus the death metal band called Infany was formed. But the stint was short lived. As Frank moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in artistic design, and the unreliable Jim Gay was fired. The remaining members of Infany went back to the recording studio in Albany where they had recorded a one song demo. They asked the guy who owned the place if he knew anybody that could sing. He referred them to a guy named James Bentley who was formerly with a band called Pcylis. James went to one practice, and they knew he was their man. He was singing through the same small Peavey amp that Jacob had played through in Jason's room! They kept practicing and even played at one of their friends birthday parties all without a bass player.

One day at Darton College, Jason was talking to a guy named Davis Wynn who asked him if his band needed another guitarist. Of course Jason's reply was that they desperately needed a bass player, and Davis claimed that he could also play bass. So the practice date was set, Davis borrowed a bass from his friend, and what happened on that same practice date was absolutely amazing. They decided to call themselves N-fusio-N because it represented their coming together as one and the way that they were seemingly infused together. They began practicing, and within a month they played their first show at Darton College called Foodstock, where out of six-teen bands, they were one of five bands who received a certificate to come back. On January 8, 2004, they recorded the enclosed demo with Ed McCree. Now they are ready and willing to play any show anywhere, anytime.
Your influences?
Creed,Alice N Chains, Audioslave, Tool, SoundGarden.
Favorite spot?
Macon, Ga.
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