Dust Off
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Brad Nailer
NEWS   "notorious B.R.A.D." CD now available at bradnailer dot us. It's piss yer pants funny.
Xplicit Productions
Kodak Black X Offset Type Beat//Extra Large
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play hi-fi  Retard
play hi-fi  Asshole
play hi-fi  Ride Me Cowgirl
play hi-fi  Nubbin Rubbin
play hi-fi  Sober
play hi-fi  Back In The Saddle
Howdy, I'm Brad Nailer, and yall go ahead and help yourself to some of my songs. Hope you like em!

"Retard" is a song that just had to be wrote. It's all about those dickheads in the car in front of you with their cell phone glued to their ear.

"Nubbin Rubbin" is kinda the women's favorite.

DJ Deaf Jam and The Mos Drunk Cowboy Cru mixed it up alittle on "Back In The Saddle".

And "Sweet Round Ass", well.. I think it kinda speaks for itself. Later, Brad

These songs contain bad words and talk about adult stuff!
Don't let your kids hear em.
And don't take em to church neither!
Why this name?
On the job.
Do you play live?
Mostly I play sloshed, does that still count?
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