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NEWS   The Missing Six demo is slowly (and roughly) being compiled. Watch this space.

If you want a copy of 'metropolitan comfort', email mike at the above address - he'll give it to you for cheap. Maybe be free if he likes you.

Small Hands on Tuesdays will be recording eventually.
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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play hi-fi  Melancholia? Balls To That!
play hi-fi  Rapture Blues
play hi-fi  Eastern Dance Music For The Downbeaten; Be Happier
play hi-fi  Dance Music For When No One's Home
play hi-fi  Avoid A Fall
play hi-fi  Holidays Don't Help
play hi-fi  Came To Terms For M.
play hi-fi  We Were The Ones
play hi-fi  Yeah, This Is The Real Life
play hi-fi  Dance Music For When It's Late In The Evening
Mike has always had many different interests, ranging from electronica to folk to prog rock to blues and back, but recently, the idiocy of the American government, general lonliness and Paris have driven him back to writing songs with lyrics and acoustic guitars. He's currently working under the pseudonym The Missing Six, which he hopes to turn into a band, either in London, or back in Philadelphia.

Before this, Mike decided to give into his longtime musical adversary, the Laptop. He recorded electronic dance-style music, under the name mikemurphy. He's been collaborating with his new companion, Avrino Casino, who he met at university. The result of the companionship, the Laptop and general insanity has been electronic / synth / dance / folk / electronic music. It's good, albeit different. Hope you enjoyed it.

Mike is also currently in a prog-funk-jam-rock band (of sorts) with Avrino Casino, along with Jonathan Liebembuk and Kirk Lozada. They're called Small Hands on Tuesdays. Every day of the week.

Previous Mike-related music excursions have inclued the mike murphy band, the mike murphy experience, our darker purpose, and the Neil Young Appreciation Society. The last one was the only one you should care about.
Why this name?
The Missing Six is a reference to a set of 'lost' Neil Young albums. Turns out the master tapes were never lost, the record company was just sitting on them. Bastards.

Small Hands on Tuesdays was the result of about seven individual in-jokes. Mike doesn't usually like in-jokes, but he started all these ones. The band is currently looking for another name, but the only other one they could think of was crap. Suggestions may or may not be welcomed.
Do you play live?
We play live wherever anyone is willing to let us. Small Hands on Tuesdays and mikemurphy + Avrino Casino will play anywhere in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, having already played at an ice rink at the University of Pennsylvania, and a hip-hop concert in West Philly; we will play anywhere, regardless of demography. Demography is for suckers.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mike thinks that it is both drastically advancing the industry, but also corrupting it (even more), and allowing for anyone two-bit hack to get his sh*** demo out. Like Mike.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Mike says he will sign with any label that is in it for the music, man, whatever the music may be. So probably not EMI.
Band History:
The Missing Six:

Wouldn't you like to know...?

Small Hands on Tuesdays:

Kirk Lozada - bass, acoustic, vox
Jon Liebembuk - percussion, keys, vox
Andrew Avrin - rhythm + lead
mikemurphy - lead + rhythm, vox, bass

mikemurphy + Avrino Casino:

mikemurphy - guitar, vox, Laptop abuser, beat constructer
Avrino Casino - guitar, vox, plastic bottle beater



The Neil Young Appreciation Society:

thim sheinman - lead, backing vox
fhred baty - rhythm, backing vox
rhob weiss - bassing, backing vox
thom hosken - percussing
mhike murphy - lead vox, extra rhythm
paraSam goempertz - evil 'beach boys' noises

The Mike Murphy Band / Our Darker Purpose:

Viren jeram- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mike murphy- Vocals, Guitar
Evan Lim- Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Guitar
Ben Tatlow - Drums
Patty roux- Rhythm Guitar]
Your influences?
mikemurphy - Neil Young, Bob Dylan, CSN&Y, The Band, White Stripes, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Muse, Beta Band, Death From Above 1979

Avrino Casino - Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Spyro Gyra. And Men At Work.
Favorite spot?
mikemurphy - Cabin in New Hampshire, Paris, or Florence.
Avrino Casino - New Jersey!
Equipment used:
mikemurphy - Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom, Epiphone Casino, Fender Standard Strat, Epiphone EJ-200ce Electro-Acoustic, Fender DG-12 Acoustic, Sennheiser mics, Apple 15" PowerBook

Avrino Casino - Epiphone Les Paul, Ibanez Acoustic guitar, plastic Clorox bottle, f***ing massive Marshall Amp.

Kirk - Cort Bass, Ibanez AE Acoustic guitar, Behringer Amp

Jon - Whatever things he can find to hit. Like mike's First Act Junior Bongos. We practise on a Pearl Kit, and he messes around on the Yahmaha Electric Piano when we all swap intruments.
Anything else...?
We rock. Metaphorically. Though we are not rocks. Or Stones.
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