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Conflict Of Interest
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We are Conflict of Interest.

If you like computer recordings and bad vocals, you've come to the right place! C.O.I. is a two piece band consisting of Kevin J. (Vocalist, Thumb Snapper, Whistler, Chuck A. Sass & Sons Rep., Owner of Mullet Inc. and OptimumStealth Inc.) and Kyle C. (Guitarist, Alcoholic, Moron.)
Why this name?
Our band was formed the very day we chose our band name. We were talking about a way to spite some friends of ours in a crappy band called "The Munchies" when we accidentally created C.O.I.

Here is how the conversation went (this is about 15% accurate to the actual conversation we had.)

I said, "We need to make a band. We need to create a conflict of interest."
Kyle said, "How about we name our band 'Conflict of Interest."
I said, "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard."

And here we are today.
Do you play live?
If by "live" you mean in the basement on a computer microphone, then yes, I suppose we do play live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet? MP3? Music industry? Enough with your technical mumbo-jumbo. I don't understand this stuff.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If someone is drunk enough to sign us, then we'd be glad to screw them out of a lot of money. It's better than begging for change on the streets and prostituting ourselves (actually it probably isn't).
Band History:
Here's our musical history:

1983 - Kyle is born out of wedlock.

1985 - I am born to be a great singer.

2001 - I formed a band called "The Smoothies" (changed to "The SmoothieZ" because someone already had our great band name.) I was in this band with a different Kyle, who I make fun of on our debut CD constantly. We formed this band to spite The Munchies.

2002 - Conflict of Interest is born (to spite The Smoothiez/Munchies.)

Summer 2003 - Conflict of Interest released their debut CD, "F***in' Music To F***-A-Magigga To"

2003 - The Smoothiez broke up due to professional differences (Kyle likes Billy Idol and William Shatner and I hate them both. It was simply too much to overcome.)

2004 - C.O.I. broke up for a while in early 2004 before reuniting around September 2004. While we were apart, we started some solo projects.

Kyle's was known as - Metal Oscillating Sprinkler Head with Flow Control.

Mine was known as - The Megalomaniacal Gravitational Fluctuating Reverberating Isotropic Secular Parallax Luminosity Factorial Nano-Tubular Analytical Arduous Artillery Project.

Both bands were very short-lived.
Your influences?
Well, nobody really influenced us at all. We just wanted to piss a lot of people off and I think it worked.
Favorite spot?
The corner, the crackhouse, the whorehouse, your moms house, your dads house, your baby's mothers brothers great grandfathers grandmothers sisters nieces house and my house.
Equipment used:
Kyle uses a guitar.

I use my (nonexistant) vocal abilities. No equipment necessary.
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