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East Coast
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Why this name?
inu = The prefix for things. (INU-man;INU-til;INU-tang;INU-pakan;INU-tutan;)
Inu = Japanese for dog
inu = p-inu-y
Do you play live?
Philippine Fiesta 03' & 04' @ Expo. NJ
Perlas ng Silangan - Queens, NY
Barrio Fiesta - Queens, NY
Club Melao - Queens, NY
Jordan's Lounge - Jersey City
C-Note - East Village, NY
Frazier's - Baltimore, MD
Back Stage - West Paterson, NJ
Basement - Englewood, NJ
Tribeca Rock Club - NYC
Knitting Factory - NYC
Step by Step - Bergenfield, NJ
Radio Pinoy - Bloomfield, NJ
come see & support pinoy rock bands!
Band History:
People often asks where the name The Inu came from and what the word means, a name that is said to be a prefix for Filipino things such as inuman, inutang, inupakan, inutakan, etc. This is a definition that is not grammatically correct in Filipino, in English, or in any language known to man (except, maybe, when having a conversation with Japanese-Dog breeders). The truth of the matter is that, often, the answer is “absolutely nothing”, which for the band, The Inu, never cared for what the name was just as long as it is something that could be thought of as creative within a stupidly funny context. It is non-pretentious where sincerity maybe taken lightly, however intelligently, but never sappy, nor can it be politically categorized. With such things stripped off from a band, leaves the band with nothing but the truth about five friends and how life is perceived from the minds of an ordinary man.

The Inu is built on and bonded by the foundation of friendship and the desire to create, play, and enjoy music for what it is, the most ancient of story telling medium of what happens in their life and the lives of those around them.

Every member of the band, as well as those that have heard the songs can relate to at least one song that the band wrote and performs on stage.

Rommel, the bassist of the band, relates to the song, “Matulog Ka” (Get some sleep), as this song tells the story of a man who goes through great lengths to get out of the house, almost in desperation to the point of escaping, and not minding being at the receiving end of his wife’s corporal punishment afterwards.

Sherwin, the vocalist, was the inspiration behind “Hindi Ako Lalalyo” (I’m not going away). It tells of a man who was thrown out of his apartment by his wife who accuses him of cheating with another woman.

Wesley, another one of The Inu’s life long friends, was the subject and the title of the song (Gusto Mo/Wesley’s Blues), roughly translated as “What ever you want”, whole-heartedly accepts the song as it depicts the mistake of a younger life becoming the humorous past of an older man.

Gatchie, guitarist and vocalist, as well as the lyricist for most of the songs, encapsulated and summarized the band with three words, “Eh Ano Ngayon” (So what), as this is the band’s general attitude towards their music. A song that most people who have heard it, appreciates, understands, and enjoys. The premise of … if you don’t like it, so what, describes how the band got out of the basement to playing on stage.

The songs, “Eh Ano Ngayon”, “Today”, and “Tabo”, depicts the music that is The Inu. These songs, currently being recorded as an independent recording artist with Ted Reyes of Soul Works Recording, summarizes the style of the band to be either complex or rendered as the Tolstoy of music composition, in which the style is having no style at all. The songs vary in texture and style but could still be recognized as a song by The Inu.

The band’s first live performance was on the Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ) of 2003, a jamboree for Filipinos the Greater New York Area arranged by Rommel of The Inu and JV, musical director of the show during that time. This was followed by the same show in 2004. Not long after, Jason of the band Grim Bottle invited the band to play at the Grim Bottle’s Bottlefest show. This was followed by shows organized by Gino Inocentes of Rubberband and Goma Productions which took the band on gigs from NJ, NY to MD where an East Coast show organized by Pasckie Pascua. Through this local circuit, The Inu had the opportunity to play a set for shows organized for local bands like: Rubberband, Bleud, Blue Mellon Pop, and others; as well as Filipino Celebrities such as Rico J. Puno, Nora Aunor, Parokya Ni Edgar, Bamboo, and Pinoy Rock Icon, Mike Hanopol.

The Inu has also performed live on the coveted Radio Pinoy radio station with an open invitation from Jason Baquilod, the Pinoy Rock DJ and a supporter of the Filipino-American Rock scene in the US.

Though new to a newly re-budding scene in the east coast, The Inu was featured on Filipino publications, which earned the band everything from unbiased compliments, to negative remarks, and even articles that have no logical direction what so ever. Such publications as west coast based Fil-Am online magazine, Pop-Times Magazine complimenting the song “Eh Ano Ngayon” to be the song that the band will make it with, if they make it, as well as a blurb in an article in the Filipino Chronicle that read in a way that it could not be considered complimentary or good in any way shape or form, as the small blurb was written with no shape and form.

By Maeng Mata


Band Members:

Sherwin Bartolome: lead vocals

Maeng Mata: guitars

Gatchie Ignacio: guitars and vocals

Marc Lacsamana: drums

Rommel Kabigting: bass

Favorite spot?
NYC & NJ (EastCoast)
any place where all sort of genre rock & beer
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