Lady Dove

"Lady Dove"
Why this name?
The MC lost his artist lineup sheet & couldn't remember my name...
He turned to my Daughter who was standing beside him on the other side of the stage & asked who I was?
She just looked at him & said: "That's my Guitar Pickin Mama!"
That's how I was introduced & it seems to have stuck...
Kids, gotta love em...

"Lady Dove" is the name I was gifted by Lakota Winyan Wakan Elder
"Buffalo Bear Walks With Wolves"
Though I am Cherokee "Tsalagi", I am Honored and ware this name with much pride. Wa Do
Do you play live?
Live & Studio.... "Back Porch" .... side of the road.... right here, right now... when & where ever.... ya just gotta Love it! t
It's the Musicland Roller Coaster Ride I call Home...
"Lets Ride"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Great tool!
Yes, I can definately see The Indie Revolution kicken in full tilt boogie!

It also lets you find & explore some of the great talent that has been held at the back of the pack for way to long...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That's a hard one, would depend on the deal.
I enjoy being a Free Spirit Indie Artist with creative control of my own music.
Band History:
Now Spreading My Wings as a Solo Artist after ten years performing with the band known as "Flowers & Payne"
"Floyd Flowers" & "Janice Payne" <(JP aka: Lady Dove)
Original Traditional Country with a Blues flavor, securing numerous #1 & top 10 hits on Indie World Radio charts Nationaly & World Wide.

My first band was all Female in the 60's called "The Soul Tops"
Another All Female Band "MIZ"
(if any you gals in the band happen upon this, gimme a shout!)
Your influences?
I feel very fortunate to love
so many different
flavors of music.


Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash,
Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline,
Redd Stewart, Tammy Wynette,
Tanya Tucker, The Beatles,
Mamas & Pappas,
Iron Butterfly, The Marmalade, The Who, YES,
Jim Croce, Seals & Crofts,
Simon and Gaarfunkel, The Doobies,
Hughs & Thrall, Frampton, Nugent, ZZ Top,
Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd,
George Thorogood, Santanna, Robin Trower,
Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash,
Capt. Beyond, Frank Zappa,Tull
Pink Floyd, BB King, T-Bone Walker,
Billie Holiday, Bo Diddley, Eric Clapton, SRV, Eagles, HEART,
David Allen Coe, Marshall Tucker,
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zeppelin, Boston,
Steve Miller, Elton John, Scorpions,
Journey, Joe Cocker, Bad Co., Aerosmith, Santana, Steve Vai, REM, EXTREME
Bonnie Raitt
~Doc Crippen~
and many more
but I've
...gotta stop somewhere...

Above is just a partial list of the Great musicians and their music styles that has touched my growth as a musician in some mystical way.

I may not sound or play like any of them, but what they have let me feel through their music and lyrics, has affected my passion for and expression within my own music by showing me...

I humbly thank all who create such passionate music.
Forever creating new breath within me
a part of me.
Favorite spot?
"Mother Earth"
Equipment used:
Gibson Ron Wood Signature J200
Gibson Les Paul Standard "Root Beer"
Washburn EA36
Charvel 12 625C
RCA Victor (prototype) gift from Chet Atkins
Cort Curbow 5FL
Yamaha FG-75
Kay Archtop

Custom Meeker
Fender Deluxe Silverface
Crate 125D
1980s VTG Marshall Mini Stack Lead 12 (first series)

Analog Man Pedals ;)
Anything else...?
Hope you enjoy my music!

Wa Do Silverhawk for the wonderful background.... ho
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