B. Reid - Ain't No Way (w hook) Ft @iamenostar
Hip Hop
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Ganja Gang - The Wacky Hip Hop Erbalologist str8 outta Lansing, Michigan. With the sounds of Johnny AppleWeed, Dr.Green Thumb, Chief RedEye, & The Buddha Master. Sit back, Buckle in & enjoy the Ride, as DropTop Productions and Ruggville Records unveils, One of the Hottest New Hip-Hop/Erbal Groups, Hitten from the Mitten! You won't believe your earz, as they Drop Notes in Multi Genres and straight from off their Minds. with special guest: Raven NightShade, Nicky Bondz, Link, SirRon, Glaze, Wougbe & many more...

Ganja Gang is currently Back in the Studios, recording on their new CD Release! which after, over 1000 "Raw Recordings" They have gathered 30 of their "Greatest Hitz" and are now spicing up & mastering, their first of many, National Releases, One of their most wackiest concoctions to date, "Erbalology" A Dual CD Release! 2 CD Collection... Thee epic "FreeStyle Adventures" of THE GANJA GANG.

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Band History:
Ganja Gang was formed in 2000, Consisting of Johnny AppleWeed, Dr.GreenThumb, Chief RedEye, & The Buddha Master. Current members of the Original DTP FreeStyle Family (DropTop Productions) Down with DropTop Records!
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