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Narsil is an extreme metal project from New Delhi, with influences ranging from Mayhem, to Immortal, to Cannibal Corpse, to Cryptopsy, to Death, to Aborted, and even to an extent to Menog(psy trance!). Expect some brutal, dark, crunchy and experimental METCHUL!!

Kshitish Purohit - Guitars(Acrid Semblance - Guitars)
Anupam Roy - Guitars, Programming(Grey - everything)
Anubhav Misra - Vocals and other undecided instruments! (Acrid Semblance - Vox and Keys)
Abhinav Dutta - Bass
Akshat - Drums (Descant - Drums)
Why this name?
Narsil is Aragorn's sword in Lord of The Rings. It was a cool name. Period. No philosophy, it just sounded nice!
Do you play live?
No we dont, at least not for now. Send some donations so that Anupam can get off his job and concentrate more on his music! Appreciation in the form of gear, and/or beers is also accepted.

We do plan to go live very soon, but only once we have enough material to play a longish set!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Oh it rules! We get to download lots of free songs! But it does actually help in promotion. Internet rules. And the more you download from the net, the more it kicks \M/etchullikkha in the rear !!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Nah! Major record labels suck, they rip you off, and at the end of the day, you get called "sold out", it's not worth it.

P.S. - honestly? Major record labels wouldnt want us cuz most major record labels dont want death metal - in short, we wont sell!
Band History:
We were born.
We picked up instruments.
We DO have a life.
But we like our music.
So we decide to do something about it.
But we couldnt be bothered to do too much.
So here I am typing this,
As you sit and actually read this!
Your influences?
note: read introduction

Primarily pop, hip-hop, country, etc.

We also sometimes listen to death metal cuz people say it's cool to. But otherwise we worship Britney! YOU HEAR ME, BRITNEY?? YOU RULE!!!
Favorite spot?
G-Spot - all the way!
Equipment used:
eh...local guitars, with fairly expensive effects processor(you see, we believe that it's the effects that make us, not how you play - you've been fooled so long into thinking it's the fingers - IT'S YOUR PROCESSOR!!!)

We use Tansen guitars, run into a Boss GT-6 multi effects, into a crappy on board sound card, recorded using home brewn software!
Anything else...?
Yes. Thank you for patiently reading this, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now stop pretending you care, and do what we possibly spammed you all the way to hell for - DOWNLOAD OUR f***ING MUSIC!!!
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