ONOFFON, comprised of Don Lake - guitars, harmonica, vocals; Von Babasin - bass, keyboards, vocals; and Dave Goode - drums and percussion, is totally diverse alternative jazz rock from Los Angeles. In the reviews we've received, we've been compared to bands like Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Brand X, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Pat Travers, The Grateful Dead..not so much 'sounds like', more in 'musical approach'. We met in late '96 and three months later, we recorded "Surrender Now", which released in '97. Since then we have recorded our second CD, "Your Mind", and released it in early 1999. We are 100% independent - we produce EVERYTHING ourselves, out of our own pockets, making ALL creative decisions. Both CDs are available at CDBaby.com and Amazon.com, as well as other distributional sites on the internet. We are now promoted from well over 3,000 websites and counting that review, mp3, stream audio and/or video, distribute, or broadcast our music.
Why this name?
It originally came from the three-position toggle switch on the face of the old Fender amplifiers, that turned the amp ON, then OFF, then ON.
Do you play live?
When we are not in the studio we play live. Festivals, coffee shops, nightclubs, and even record stores, i.e. Sam Goody's and Borders. We all thrive playing live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows an independent artist the ability to promote it's music on a credible level directly to the public at an affordable price.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
At this point, a distribution contract would be much more appealing to us.
Band History:
ONOFFON is a very diverse progressive jazz rock group from Los Angeles. Together we have a combined 60 years experience in all aspects of music and film production and we play whatever style of music strikes us at the time.
Your influences?
50's West coast jazz; progressive influences i.e. ELP, Yes, Gentle Giant, Nektar; classic rock i.e. Johnny and Edgar Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Faces, Jojo Gunne; contemporary classical composers i.e. Aaron Copeland; and good, well played music in general.
Favorite spot?
The Grand Tetons
Anything else...?
Check out the reviews on our homepage!
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