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Erling Gunnarsson
BG & Arni 1966.
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Upptaka gerð í frumbernsku Íslenska Sjónvarpsins 1966.
Upptöku stjórnaði Taage Ammendrup.
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Band History:
Erling Gunnarsson was born in Iceland 1947. Musical education for 4 years. Played guitar with several bands 1963-1970. Since been composing music as a hobby. He founded the "SongwritingTeam" on the net with several other composers and poets. This website is a "workshop" for the members of the SongwritingTeam and all songs uploaded are still raw ideas under construction and not ready for publishing or distribution. Many of the songs on this site are co-written by Erling and other members of the SongwritingTeam.
No matter how good a musician's technical skills, no matter how much experience, and no matter how many effects, auto-tuning and other enhancements a producer can add to a record, it's the writing behind a song which defines an artist, and is a huge determining factor in finding fans and success with music. Originality Matters!
Your influences?
Beatles #1
Favorite spot?
Top of mountain ESJA, ICELAND.
Equipment used:
Cubase SX
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