William Edge
William Edge
Its an Amazing Place
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What does it sound like to see several-100 pictures in about a minute?
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William Edge is an American composer of ambient space music and smooth jazz. His soundscapes create an extraordinary and individual experience for the listener, and are ideal for TV and movie soundtracks as well as advertising commercials. Hear the entire William Edge catalog at www.soundsblue.com

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William Edge

William Edge Music

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Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, he was surrounded from a young age by the roots sounds of the Deep South. First studying classical piano at the tender age of six and switching to jazz upon entering his teens, his muses included such legendary influences as Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis and Stevie Wonder. After receiving an MBA from Florida State University, he embarked upon a career in computer technology, but his love of electronic music still remained a dominant force in his life.

His passion soon morphed from that of an avocation to lifelong profession, when he began composing the first of a series of works on the computer and creating his own record label, Sounds Blue Music, both of which culminated in the conception of an ambient-space-music trilogy, representing man's journey to the end of the universe and perfectly paralleling Edge's own sojourn through life.


Why this name?
The name William Edge is 'adopted' - and is meant to convey something about my creative process - which is always an effort to reach farther beyond the edge, explore new methods and techniques - all with the hope that I can transport the listener to a different place even if its only for a brief journey.

Your influences?
My musical influences come from 3 sources: Blues and Jazz and performers like Ramsey Lewis, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dave Brubeck. I had a 'traditional' introduction to music and learned to love Bach (organ!) and Mozart. Finally - ambient artists like Brian Eno and William Orbit taught me that great music doesn't have to be large.
Anything else...?
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