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DEDMA - dead malice by any other game. Hold back justified emotion with dignified cool.

Dedma: Polite defiant pride, I have overcome, you will not break my spirit, triumphant contained anger, you can Rizal me but you can’t defeat me, with all your power - even then I will not crack, my mind is my muscle, I will bow down as a sign that I have not, iron will will see me through.
And yet Dedma has another aspect - equivalent to the Dharma of the Hindus, Fas of the Romans and the emerging new dedma of the Filipino.
Why this name?
Dedma is where it's at for nine tenths of the worlds population
Do you play live?
Do you play live? Yes, but it's more Dedma than . . .
Band History:
Descended or ascended from the 1st world to the seventh and last, making a few unreality checks alone the way.
Your influences?
The Dedma of the Druids, the natural code of the eternal divine. All that they believed was in complete harmony with the truth and nature. What they had was Dedmâ d'ba.
Its form can change from age to age,
From sage to sage,
But not the sacred message.
Favorite spot?
Pasig River Manila
Equipment used:
Spanish Guitar (old strings) with separate condenser mic + silvertone harps
Anything else...?
Anything goes everywhere
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