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To Be (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
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Thomas Trotter
NEWS   New tunes will include:
New Age stuff, jazz fusion, semi-neo-pseudo
classical, some solo piano (including several
improvs) stuff, some almost smooth and some
pretty rough.
Dirty Laundry
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play hi-fi  Leaving The Past Behind
play hi-fi  Emergence 1
play hi-fi  The Mystery Of The Light
play hi-fi  The Urgent Delivery
play hi-fi  For Dixie On A Cool Summer Night
play hi-fi  The Complementary Muse
play hi-fi  Incongruent Configuration III
play hi-fi  Incongruent Configuration 2
play hi-fi  The Swirling Storm.mp3
play hi-fi  October Passage
Welcome to a sampling of my music. Hope you like something here. Just click on the music ;link to get to the tunes. While you're here, please leave a message if you have time -- some feedback on the tune(s) you listened to. Thanks ... Tom.