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Distilled Spirits
Distilled Spirits
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Skary on the vokills, Johan on guitar, Jason on guitar, Cyco on the bass guitar and Lonny Simpkins the drum killer!
Why this name?
Distilled Spirits. When it comes to rehearsal, fans and friends weren't allowed in without beer for the band. Every person who came to the studio and wanted to watch rehearsal always saw the sign on the door. Alcohol or no entry and the rest is history.
Do you play live?
Yes we play live! There is nothing like preforming a live show in front of masses of people. Our promoter is based in Orange County so we do most of our shows there. We get a high from each and every opportunity we have to preform in front of a audience arena size or not.
Special moments would be gigs with Yngwie Malmsteen ,The Off Spring, Pantera, Lynch Mob, Dark Angel, Slayer!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gets your music played all around the world which is one huge plus! It also gives you the opportunities to sell your own CDS & merchandise nation wide and that definitely helps out. The doors and opportunities are so much higher having your fans, friends and the industry people listening to your music with one click of a button : Now that’s way bi***en!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
When the right opportunity presents itself of course we will. We've always love touring and it would be awesome to have the chance to tour with some of the bands that have something similar to offer.
Band History:
Distilled Spirits were formed in Whittier, Ca. When it comes to rehearsal, fans aren't allowed in without beer for the band. Each person who shows up at the studio and wants to watch rehearsal always see's the sign on the door. Alcohol or no entry. The presence of alcohol quickly became a standard and the name Distilled Spirits was born. The bands stage presence is one of intensity and fun. We are working on the new album and it will be recorded with our good friend Tom Parham very soon. Peace out and thanks for supporting Distilled Spirits.

Your influences?
LedZeppelin, Pantera, DamagePlan, SlipKnot, Early VanHalen, Metallica, Korn, Disturbed, Godsmack, Slayer, Hate/Breed, Demolition Pit, Black Sabbath, Danzig, Guns N'Roses, Joe Satriani, ZZ Top, Anthrax, Judas Priest Fight, Ozzy, Ministry, The Misfits, Motorhead, System Of A Down, StoneSour, Rush, Queensryche, Mudvayne, Cold, Sepulutra, Deftones, Vast,Suicidal Tendencies,Blood For Blood Discharge, Flaw, Iced Earth, Shadows fall, Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage, Tool, Sevendust, Soulfly, Coal Chamber,Social Distortion, Minor Treat Dir En Grey, 36Crazyfists, Spineshank, Orgy, Voivod, Stereomud, Skindred, Testement, The Dead Lights, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Sloth,Demon Hunter, Motograter, Deicide, Shadows Fall, From Autumn To Ashes, Murderdolls, As I Lay Dying, Satyricon, Otep, Krisiun, Avoidance Of Doubt,Cattle Decapitation, The Agony Scene, Suffocation
Dry Kill Logic, Celldweller, A Static Lullaby Skindred, Yngwie Malmsteen, Drowning Pool, Cannibal Corpse And Bert Johan (RIP).
Favorite spot?
Las Vegas
Equipment used:
Line 6 Vetta 11, Mesa Engineering, Crown, Randall, Marshall, Tama, Paste, BC Rich Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, Jackson Guitars.
Anything else...?
Thanks all you metal fans out there and to everyone who can appreciate what we do as musicians and who believe that our music does make a difference.

Distilled Spirits
DS 2012
Lonny Drum Killer
Both Managers Mark Henderson and Johan
Johan, Chuck and Derrick
Anahiem, Ca
Distilled Spirits New EP
Marcus on the new EP
DS CD Cover 300x300
Johan & Bones
Sept 14TH SHOW 2013
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