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Ok the walking enigma know as Lee Majors is here!!! If you've ever been familiar with campus life at the University of Maryland, or even stop thru to check out the underground MCEE scene there, YOU KNOW of the hip hop kingpin known as Lee Majors and his Independently-Owned Label Innervission Entertainment. Along with his long time teamates, The Reborn Soldiers, Hasani Lateef, Viz Winters, Uno Vs. All, James Flames, Interstallar, DJ Tru, and Napoleon da Legend.

Is this Lee the next 2pac, the NEXT 2pac, or a just a style bitter/tupac look alike?

Nothing could be further from the truth and though this "Street Poet" be impervious to the many Bamma's who may ignorantly state the above assumptions, those really liten to his music and actually get a chance to know him...........WILL solemly swear to you in person that these accusations are false.

Lee Majors may have been influenced musically by the late great pac as other most mc's have and he may even look or sound like him, but rest assure ths is a genuine and original mc. And he is the walking epitomy of hardtimes, hustle and success.

He plays the role of the spiritual lyricist dropping jewels of wisdom and experience.

Instead of bitting other rappers modo's by filling audio recordings with fake imagery and falsely super imposed gangster stories and lies............Lee Major's gives you heartfelt "REAL LIFE" lyrical compositions and fresstyles, equiped with a strong, militant delivery that will have street soldiers at attention and inclined to SALUTE!

His music doesn't promote negativity and ignonce......it exploits it in it's entirety and gives you the poive alternative.

"You gotta accept the all in the all, and balance the negaivity with positivity." ~Lee Majors

But more just spiiing hot battle rhymes and heartfelt stories of life, Majors opens the door to listeners to invision spirituality, philosophy, and "day-to-day" survival for young black sisers and bothers born into a 2000 year old white supremecist's world.

He knows the experience of systematic geneocide and being at the disadvatage of a kid from the streets first hand.

He also holds the hip-hop culture and its traditional rules and ways in the highest regard.

He brings the goodness out of yu with his music and brings traditional hip-hop to the forefront where it has always belonged.

Truely and inspirational individual who takes no causalties in his mision to bring us the rawness and purity of Allah and hip hop itself.

To top it all off, and
Why this name?
Lee Majors in the old time tv shows was the Bionic Man, he was invincible, he never stopped puting in work and he was the man..........nuff said. lol
Do you play live?
Thee will be an east coast/ down souh tour comming in 2005. But he has performed live all over Baltimore/Washington D.C. areas and to this day can be found rocking your local shows in the Univ. of Maryland perimeters.

For more info on upcomming tours check Lee Majors ot at www.Verse4Verse.COM
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it possible for artists to put thier OWN ideas out for the world to hear and make thier own profits from it at tha.

The Independant Route has and always wil be the best path for a true artist to go. Instead of dealling with limited Artistic Freedom by the conrol of industy executives.

"F**k witing for a hand out, make it happen yourself." ~ Lee majors
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, I have my own ecord label, we ben doing this rap thing for 7 years now on our own even sponsoring events on our own for SIGNED artists, the internet is something fairly new to my team. W gonna continue to do or own thing with out the limitations of a contract. ~Lee Majors
Band History:
This is what you’ve been waiting for; death to the myth, an answer to your blazing query and the solution to the puzzle. Who is he? You all know who I’m talking about.

One of College Park’s omnipresent characters, he is the city’s closest possible equivalent to a rock star seen nearly everywhere; from the entrance to The Diner to outside the Student Union to the kitchen to the Local Cluck-U.

Wearing a green bandana backwards around his shaven forehead, with a thick army fatigue coat covering his white t-shirt, Melvin Lee Jacobs, aka Lee Majors, 23, of East Baltimore, lurks in the shadows, stalking the sidewalks of our humble college town and the campus, blessing microphones at local hip-hop events like last September’s Cipher Sessions, recording his debut album in the studios of WMUC, or simply launching into spontaneous philosophical conversations.

He’s a suburban pseudo- prophet, if you will, just trying to make a profit.

He goes by many names, none of which he decided for himself; U-Pac, Cluck-U-Pac, 2Pac, 3Pac, all somehow appropriate monikers given his uncanny resemblance to the truest of thugs.

But whatever silly-billy freshman and other students prefer to call Lee Majors behind his back, you can be sure he could care less. The same man who is seemingly just loitering around campus, occasionally attending classes he has not enrolled in and frying your overpriced wings at Cluck-U is the CEO of his own label, Innervision Entertainment, and the author of a new self-produced hip-hop album, Verse 4 Verse Volume 1.0.

An underground hip-hop album just shy of 80 minutes, Verse 4 Verse boasts introspective rhymes over elaborate, if not incredibly lo-fi, production. His website is claimed the album is " aimed to take the underground by storm ," and that Verse 4 Verse "contains" the ‘no holds barred’ underground feel missing from this bling-bling era of hip-hop ." He adds, " If you want to feel the soul of a man poured out on wax, cop this upcoming release."

Every story has a beginning, so what brought Majors to College Park?

" I’ve been rapping ever since I was 16, around late ’94 or early ’95," he began. " Growing up in the city always admiring music ,"said Majors, " and just watching the older cats on the corner rapping, it inspired me to find ways that I can express myself, to do different things with the actual creativity of music. I pursued writing as a way of doing something constructive, to allow me to express what I was feeling at the time ."

Majors is a man focused on his goals, and he has a true grasp on how to obtain them. His road through life has been filled with struggles. He grew up in the Douglass Home projects in Baltimore, but said he had to leave.

" I wasn’t able to do the Verse 4 Verse project living in Baltimore City," Majors said. " I wasn’t able to focus on what it was that I really wanted to do staying in those neighborhoods. I needed to get somewhere people were moving at a certain pace, a pace of working on their own success ." A university seemed to be the most logical choice, a place where Majors could feed off the positive energy and apply it to his own life.

" When I came up here ," explained Majors, " I was looking at the tools that the university had to offer. Since I had no money to actually attend school here, I started to educate myself. I go into classes and just take in the information they give me, taking notes, because teachers are paid to teach. I kind of educated myself the last seven or eight years, so technically, I would be a super-senior if I paid actual money to go here ."

His label, InnerVision Entertainment , was launched in 1998 "as a record label with the goal of producing the type of provocative music that is sorely missing in today’s mainstream." Under the guidance of Majors and his fellow workers, Innervision Entertainment has developed into a multimedia company acting as a one stop marketing company.

In addition to music production and distribution, the label also specializes in graphic design for websites and flyers. It also promotes local urban-flavored events. " We sponsored the Baby Boy account around here and the Mariah Carey account ," Majors said.

Has he seen Glitter? " No I have not seen the movie ," said Majors. He’s a lucky man. Majors proclaims that everything he spits is a freestyle, a term which, depending on whom you talk to, has a number of different definitions.

" My definition of a freestyle is like when people in the church catch the Holy Ghost ," Majors said. " It’s like the actual moment when you catch the spirit and make the whole thing that comes out of your mouth make sense ."

Verse 4 Verse Volume 1.0 may not be the most sonically pleasing to the ear and admittedly Majors could stand to improve as an MC. However, at the end of the day, passion and emotion of music are ultimately what makes music good. Verse 4 Verse is 100-percent pure emotion.

Your influences?
Tupac, Rakim, GangStar
Favorite spot?
University of Maryland, College Park.
Anything else...?
Lee majors creates his own music and on top of that hes strictly a FREESTYLE Artist.
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