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" The Stephen King's Of Rap" -Murder Dogg Magazine.

On The Release Of their 6th album, Bedlam, The Most Controversial Rap Group in the world Is Working to make the 7th release "Bedlamitez Rize" A Devilish Timebomb To The Industry.

Bedlam Uses an Aray of concepts & Lyrics Going from Serial Killers of the world to a depth childhood Psychosis. Even Striking Nerves of Politics & Dweling in the Occult World.

Bedlam is without a doubt one of the most Original and Devastating Art Forms To Stain the Rap Community.
Why this name?
We didn't choose Bedlam, Bedlam chose us.
Do you play live?
Bedlam plays live every day! Watch your 6 o'clock newz,read your morning paper or slow down and stare at the fatal car accident on your way to work.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes the unstoppable even more so.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
A Major...Yes. Up til Now, It's been Bedlam independently in all aspects.
Band History:
Too much to even explaine. Peep or for Info.
Your influences?
Ed Gein, Gambino Crime Family, Tobe Hooper, Edgar Allen Poe, Hitchcock, Gunner Henson, Esham, GG Allen, HP Lovecraft, The Night Stalker, The Son Of Sam, Hunter S. Thompson, Stephen King, Ray Bradburry, Jim Jones, Albert Fish.
Favorite spot?
River Stixx
Anything else...?
Do not download any of these tracks if your gonna use us as a scapegoat for some pathetic suicide attempt or witch hunt. Not Suitable for the mindless masses/society's cattle.