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Skandal Da Ruckus Man
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Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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The Biography of Skandal Da Ruckus Man
Clear your mind. Think of the school bully, the bad guy, the thug. Then imagine the big man on campus, the leader of the pack, the hero, the thinker, a warrior. Got it? Put all that together and you get Skandal da Ruckus Man. Skandal, (Big Skan for short) is a multitask artist, who’s wide range of talents consist of; rapping, producing beats, artist development, marketing & promotion, & song writing and professional MC’ing. His strongest asset is his ability to adapt to any audience or situation with finesse and class.
In November of 2000 he participated in the Blaze Battle (HBO). That same month he was featured on 106th & Park. He’s opened for such acts as Big daddy Kane, Black Eyed Peas, Magic of No Limit records, Busta Rhymes, Tha Alkaholiks, Rahzel and more. In 2004 he was the Master of Ceremony for the Induction of Grand Master Flash into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. He was also the MC for the Ebony Fashion Fair in Cincinnati, OH the same year.
"Okay, well I know this isn’t a traditional bio, but f@%k dat! Come be a part of my machine."
"I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH from a single parent home. I have one younger sister whose a student at the University of Cincinnati's school of applied sciences. We lived in the ‘hood and did the whole welfare food stamps thing, but moved around town a lot ‘cause moms wasn’t satisfied with our ‘hood surroundings. By the time I reached high school we moved to the ‘burbs. High school is responsible for my rap career. Most cats swear they been spitting’ since they was 12 and sh!t, but not me. My sophomore of high school my homie used to beat box for me so I decided to write a verse to spit each day at lunch- time. This spawned years of demos, talent shows, mix tape freestyles and battles. With the battles, let’s just say I won, a lot. Truthfully, my entire home fan base came from those battles. It got to a point where all the songs were battles songs and seeing’ me battle was like going’ to a wrestling’ match. Ask anybody.
Now I’m in what I like to call song mode. I’m writin’ hits now. I’m doing more song writing for other artists now. I have a knack for writing hooks and choruses for both rappers and singers. I don’t like to limit my self to a certain genre when it comes to the writing, but right now I’m Hip-Hop and R&B based. Sky’s the limit right? Oh well enough talking just listen to the CD. ONE
Why this name?
Girls used to say I was Scandelous in high school.
Do you play live?
I host a weekly MC Battle Event at a club called TOPCATS in Cincinnati.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It made it easier for me to get my work to the world, and cut postage expenses in half.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
All day everyday. I'm dangerous with a budget.
Your influences?
I'm a huge fan of the Funk Brothers of classic motown. Donny Hathaway for his clarity and sincere music. Busta, Red, and Meth, for keepin the live Rah Rah sh*** alive in hiphop. That's about it.
Favorite spot?
Brooklyn, NY, cause my girlfriend lives there.
Equipment used:
I use the Akai MPC 2000XL, Roland XP-80 Keyboard with all the expansions.
Anything else...?
I rap and make beats equally dope. Off Wibble!
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