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Eden Automatic defines the new dark alternative from Dallas, TX. EA's sound spirals in and around silky vocals which add an erotic texture to the eerie soundscape layered in part by guitarist Doug Conlon, bassist Greg Terhune, and drummer Scott Miles while Annette provides additional guitar.
Why this name?
Eden Automatic suggests the lush sensuality of the Garden of Eden raw urgency of rock and roll. It's instant pleasure.
Do you play live?
Eden Automatic plays live frequently. Check our website for tour date information:

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is an amazing opportunity for bands to share their music with people from all over the globe. There is no better forum for this. I'm not advocating giving it all away, and I believe in pay for click downloads with new albums. But, new bands should not be afraid to put out material to develop a following and generate excitement.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
DUH. If the deal was right - who wouldn't?

Band History:
A four-piece rock band from Dallas, fronted by Annette Conlon, Eden Automatic delivers the instant pleasure promised by their name. Constant travel over the past four years has built a regional fan base in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico - from small venues to fairs and festivals.

Not limited to live performances, Eden Automatic was selected as the feature band for the internationally televised TV Show “Net Talk Live”.

In the Movies...

Eden Automatic has had several songs placed in many movies over the years:

* I'll Love You To Death (Not Your Familiar) - Suburban Nightmare (2004 - EI)
* Don't Wake Becky (Not Your Familiar) - Suburban Nightmare (2004 - EI) (Music Video)
* Need (Glimmer) - American Nightmare (2002)
* Laughing (EPED) - A Rat's Tale (2000 - Warner Brothers)

Say You’re Sorry reached #1 on the MP3.com Texas Alternative Charts and #12 and in the World on March 25, 2001 and again on May 22, 2003 "Say You’re Sorry" reached #8 on the MP3.com Alternative Charts in the USA appearing alongside national acts like The White Stripes, Evanescence, and Bowling for Soup remaining in the top 50 for over 2 weeks!

Your influences?
Our influences range with each member of the band! Chat with us to find out who is most influenced by which artist!

Bands we love: Concrete Blonde, Cranberries, Siouxsie and the Banshies, Zero 7, X, PJ Harvey, Sinead O'Connor, Dead Can Dance, Fleetwood Mac, Courtney Love, Hole, Cyndi Lauper, This Mortal Coil, The Poppy Family, Hooverphonic, Led Zepplin, Portishead, Jefferson Airplane, Heart, The Who, U2, The Cure.
Favorite spot?
We are located in Dallas, TX and love to travel!
Anything else...?
We have a great message board/forum:

Eden Automatic Message Board

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