2050 BEATS
NEW/ LUIDJI Young Thug
New School
Basic Lease 25.99, Exclusive 700.99 . Imess : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Mail : 2050beatsbooking@gmail.com Credit : Lil Chuckee, Pso Thug, Sosa and 600 Artist around the glob
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play hi-fi  Yawn
play hi-fi  Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli
play hi-fi  Pound Puppy (Rognalf Mix)
play hi-fi  Koffein
play hi-fi  Pensjonistdisko
play hi-fi  Big Bad Biker Bully Bugs
play hi-fi  Gjertruds Smilefjespillediett
play hi-fi  Uranus
play hi-fi  Put Your Hands In The Bear
play hi-fi  Dalane Videregnumande - ├ćin Te Kaug
I haven't uploaded anything here since 2007.
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