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Why this name?
One day...while shopping at a flea market, I stumbled upon a booth that sells paintings. Nothing great...just your random velvet Elvis's and the like. But one in particular struck me. There, Hung about eye level, was a painting of a Black Jesus. I thought it was great...

Well...the passers by didnt...

As they passed, they called the picture names. Everything from "ugly" to down right "blasphemous". I couldnt believe it...all these bible thumping christans calling a picture of Jesus ugly. I felt so bad, I had to apologize for my race mates actions. The elderly black couple had heard it all before.

You see that black jesus wasnt just a shitty flea market picture, It was a bullshit detector. It exposed pissed all the right people off and make all the wrong people smile. It was amazing...

You see, Im white...and in some cases embody that painting. When certin people see me performing hip hop essence...I am that black jesus. I am everything all all the bullshitters are afraid of. People call me names...Im concidered "blasphemous". Flip the script and I am that painting hanging in that flea market...

A real life BlackJesus...
Do you play live?
I havent played live in a few years. I had a live band a while back...(ala Roots)... but the perfomring has slowed down since taking up family life. I do plan on performing more in the future though...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course...who the f*** wouldnt.
Band History:
I decided to get back into recording for the first time in about 3 years when I started listening to internet rap a while back. I heard some amazing shit...some of these guys are really talented...and some of them...well...lets just say they arent cut out for the mic. I told myself...Im better them some of these cats getting good feedback, so I decided to enter an online battle tourney...and damn If I didnt win it. Ive gone on to do well in other tourneys and worked on a few collabs...nothing to my full potential though.
Favorite spot?
Virgina Beach, VA

Born and raised, Theres millions of places better, but there aint no place like home...
Anything else...?
Much love to for allowing so many unknown and brilliant artists get some shine in this world. Im just a guy who wants to give a little piece of myself to this world...and take a little bit back in the process...