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Sandamukal Records
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play hi-fi  Sandamukal Records - Pansin
play hi-fi  Tentadoz Yujuicoz - Dumating Na!
play hi-fi  Trez K - May Tayo Ba?.mp3
play hi-fi  Estranghero - Mahiwagang Usok (feat. Mike Kosa)
play hi-fi  Sandamukal Artists - Walong Bara
play hi-fi  Estranghero - GTFO
play hi-fi  Pendro Penduko Krew - Kahit Walang Sabihin
play hi-fi  Akzayatinta - Sayang Naman (feat. Abby).mp3
play hi-fi  Sandamukal - Yari Ka!
play hi-fi  Sandamuka - Pasa Mo (Westcoast Artist)
Band History:
From Dizkurzo to Sandamukal

-2002- In the early half of 2002 Dizkurzo was established by Baztosero (who is now known as DiKONG) as the second Net Underground Label (Ngangaw Wreckordz from Dubai was founded earlier). Dizkurzo means Diskurso, Tagapagsalita, Pinuno.. Macwun of GR... The man who gave Dizkurzo its name.

-2003- On December 15. 2003, Dizkurzo became the infamous Sandamukal Records Underground. Sandamukal means "Isang Damukal, Marami, Isang Katerba, Isang Katutak. Macwun of GR... The man who gave Sandamukal its name.
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