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Mikkel Elmholdt
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*No Bad Days* Travis Scott x Killy Type Beat
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This page contains tunes I have composed and produced by myself at my small but cozy home studio. They are all instrumental tunes (if you have ever heard me sing, you'll know why) and mostly guitar-based (for obvious reasons - I play guitar better than I play any other instrument).
Your influences?
Steve Morse Band
Anything with a cool guitar
Equipment used:
The "studio" mainly consist of the Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 XL software package, which (IMO) is an excellent piece of software for the not-so-ambitious home musician. This runs on a standard HP PC with Windows XP and a Terratec audio card.

All guitar and keyboard parts are played by myself. The guitar parts are made with the Line 6 Guitar Port, which is a completely cool plaything for the home-based guitar player. It totally rocks!

Keyboard parts are done with a DXi, where the MIDI part is played on an external cheapo Yamaha synt (one of those automated play-along thingies). The DXi used are either the LiveSynt Pro 1.4 using some SoundFont, or the VSC DXi.

Drums are mainly done with pre-made ACID-loops from the HS XL. The bass lines are done either with MIDI on the keyboard or with loops. I am not really satisfied with either .... so I need to buy a real bass guitar at some point (when I get rich or something).
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