Bobby Friss
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Although his career began in central Michigan in 1975 with a band called Force, most of Friss' achievements have come since returning to his native Florida in 1985 to form his own band. Since that time, Friss has steadily risen to the top of the Southeast's active rock club scene, enlisting legions of fans at colleges,beach clubs and big city bars throughout Florida and the Southeast.Having earned the reputation as one of the hardest working and most popular musicians in Florida, Friss broke the regional mode for the first time in 1988 with the release of Cut Loose. The independently recorded, self-produced LP found its way onto several Florida AOR stations with the single "You Can't Come Back" and eventually sold nearly 10,000 copies in Florida alone.In addition, the band's fever-pitched live shows attracted the attention of the Miller Genuine Draft Band Network, a national sponsorship program known for promoting the best showcase nightclub bands in the country.
Do you play live?
Bobby plays live constantly throughout Florida and Michigan.
Your influences?
Bryan Adams, Bob Seager, Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, Ted Nugent, Styx, Bruce Springstein, Tom Petty, Greatful Dead, Phish
Anything else...?
The Band is made up of singer and guitarist Bobby Friss; longtime drummer, Leroy Myers; and Bass Player Dean Mickey; with Jerry Riggs on Lead Guitar. Riggs toured the world for ten years with Guitarist Pat Travers and is considered one of the best to ever pick up the instrument.