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Plastic Cactus
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play hi-fi  I Know You Rider WGL
play hi-fi  Going Down The Road WGL
play hi-fi  I Shall Be Released WGL
play hi-fi  Kindness Fails
play hi-fi  Our Song
play hi-fi  Knockin'
play hi-fi  Wooden Ship
play hi-fi  Senior
play hi-fi  Tulsa Road
play hi-fi  A Wicked Game
Hi, you have found the Plastic Cactus Soundclick site. Unfortunatly in April of 2005 Plastic Cactus ceased to exist. The band members were David Carpenter (vocals and electric guitar), Ken Dommer (vocals and accoustic guitar), Steven Ernst (bass guitar) and Dane Heathcock (vocals and drums).
Several original members of Plastic Cactus continue to play in a new band called Three Eyed Fish, we invite you join us at
Why this name?
We are named after a stupid little plastic cactus that sits on a table in Steven's back yard. Sometimes we take the plastic cactus to gigs and put it on one of our amps, but usually we forget to bring it.
Do you play live?
We mostly play in Steven's garage, we find that it's better for the public if we just stay there. We do occasionally work up the gumption to go out and play, but even then it’s usually in little dive bars where most of the patrons are to drunk to hear. We find that people who are to drunk to hear are more receptive to our music. We suggest if you happen to come to one of our rare appearances you drink heavily.

When you type all of this "information" in it asks you whether or not there were any special moments in your bands history. But, of course it doesn’t say anything about that here, where you, our potential fan are spending your very valuable time, getting to know us a little better. So anyway here is one of our more special moments.

We were playing in one of our favorite dive bars and one of the patrons near the stage was telling the members of the band just how great he thought we sounded. About half-way through his oration he simultaneously threw-up and passed out on the stage, boy was that ever special!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Are you kidding!!! Heck yeah we'd love to get big fat recording contract with a major label. You know like two or three million dollars each per gig, get flown around the world on a private 747. Basically if you’re an industry bigwig and want to sign us just look up Mick, Keef, Ron, and Charlie's latest contract and up it by 15%
Anything else...?
As is true with almost all stories about legendary rock bands, we made up the story about the guy passing out and throwing up.