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Behind The Walls Of Revolution
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play hi-fi  Effigy For A Sunday
play hi-fi  Small Town
play hi-fi  Aluminum Street Trash
play hi-fi  Styrofoam Soul
play hi-fi  Ringing In The Trees
play hi-fi  Better Than An Exploded Heart
play hi-fi  Looking Through An Iron Window
play hi-fi  Drone On Civilization
play hi-fi  Explode Good Taste
play hi-fi  Space Extrapolated
This band is just me, a few guitars, and whatever else I can find to make music on.
Do you play live?
This music probably wont ever be played live unless I can get a full band accompanyment and a really kick ass stage show set up.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think mp3s are probably the greatest thing to ever happen to music, along with burnable cds. With this stuff, people who have no money and who arent on a major label can easily get their stuff heard world wide. mp3s and sharing burnt cds with friends has introduced me to a ton music I probably never would have heard of.
Band History:
This band evolved out of my other band, F*** Jonny Quest (***jonnyquest ). I figured id keep the 2 kinds of music seperate, F*** Jonny Quest is more of a folk rock kind of thing, and pretty much anything else i come up with. This band will be solely for my post rock stuff.
Your influences?
For this band, it was bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, The One AM Radio, Set Fire To Flames, Molasses, Valley of the Giants, Broken Social Scene and any other good post rock band.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
A cheap electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and whatever else i can find that will make good noise.
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