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ANENCEPHALUS is DeaTHrashMusick from Berlin/Germany

we rock we suck we play we destroy we love we hate and so on ...

Why this name?
The name Anencephalus was found in medicalbook by the drummer and bassman(wulf).
Do you play live?
of course!
anywhere we can!
we love it!
everytime on stage!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
puh, i think this takes to much time to tell, but it's good for the MUSIC......
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if we would sign? if the contract is ok, why not!!!!!!!
Band History:
The band was formed in 1992 by Peda(drums), Wulf(bass) & Andre(guitar) called RAPED CADAVER (till 1994); when Tim(guitar) & Micha(vocals) joins them around 1994 they split with Andre (he leaves to go on with RAPED CADAVER) and so ANENCEPHALUS was born.

1996, Micha was out of the band, and the first Demo called "ANENCEPHALUS" with Hanne (ORTH) in temporary help on the vocal-parts was recorded. Some gigs in Berlin and the near area followed.

In 1999 ANENCEPHALUS recorded the MCD called "s.i.k.c." with three new members; Wolle(vocals) & Björn(guitar) from TOXICATED(RIP) and Matze(guitar).

In 2000 the line-up changes with Tesk(guitar) replacing Matze and one year later Ole(vocals) comes in for Wolle.

In 2002 ANENCEPHALUS made the Splitsingle called "Mykosis Fungoides“ with NECROMORPH, by using the ‘liverecording’ from the gig @ K17/Berlin (03/2002).

In summer 2002 the line-up changes again by Wulf leaving and Ole takes over the bassguitar. The next member who joins ANENCEPHALUS was Angelo(Ex-ORTH) in spring 2003 and he takes over the main vocals.

With this line-up ANENCEPHALUS entered a studio(in a youth-center) in september 2003 to record the promo "p.i.c.k.“.

Then Björn departs from ANENCEPHALUS in November 2003.

In January 2004 Tommi joins ANENCEPHALUS as second guitarplayer. In february ANENCEPHALUS are starting to write new songs and kick some ass on stage.

ANENCEPHALUS are still searching for recordlabel and the possibility to play gigs...

For more information send an email to:

or check our website:
Your influences?
its hard to describe your own music, but many people say we have something from morbidangel, deicide or suffocation....... just hear it by yourself to know it, you know
Favorite spot?
home sweet home
Equipment used:
our own, hehehe
Anything else...?
i don't know, what to say????
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