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NEWS   SLOTERDIJK will be doing several northeast U.S. shows between April and August of 2007. New year, new lineup, new SLOTERDIJK!!
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Formed outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1996 by Mike Burro.

Brought by Burro to the U.S. in 1997. Released "Alien Theme" and "Technoanthropology".

1999: performed at the Strange Daze, space rock festival, Nelson Ohio. Toured Europe November-December 1999.

2000: played stateside shows throughout spring. Released "Integration" CD on Lollipop Shop Records, Berlin Germany,
May and June. Toured Europe and performed at The Hamburg Hawkfest, June 2000( only American act to ever play this event) .
Toured supporting Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind during the Traveling Outerspace Spectacular Tour 8/2000.

2001: released 'Uranium Zone' CD
2002: released 'Beware The Charlatans' CD
performed by request ( as The One Eyed Bishops) at Hawkwind's private 'Hawkfestival, Devon , UK
2003: performed at the 'Garden Party' II
performed at the 'Space Rock Bar BBQ'
( Mike Burro & Jay Adcock toured The UK in January of this year)

2004: performed at 'The Philadelphia Electronic Art & Music Festival', and subsequently released a recording of the show as the new 'PEMAF CD'
( Mike also toured The UK with The One Eyed Bishops during the summer ).
performed at the 'Cosmic Coffeehouse series hosted by Brainstatik, in November.

2005: Mike becomes a dad and Sloterdijk takes a brief hiatus,( they make one rare performance in Philadelphia) while The One Eyed Bishops continue to perform regularly.

2006: Sloterdijk returns to Amsterdam and performs on the long running pirate radio program 'Psychedelicatessen' hosted by Feddo Renier.

2007: Mike revamps the lineup and makes plans for a a new cd as well as several northeast U.S. shows to begin in the spring.

Why this name?

Sloterdijk pronounced slO-ter-dike, is a Dutch word, which can be translated to mean "endpoint". SLOTERDIJK is a Hawkwind inspired spacerock project led by Mike Burro.

Do you play live?
Sloterdijk has toured in Europe & The United States. The band enjoys performing at festivals and gatherings of all sizes.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Sloterdijk is happy about the recent explosion in information technology. We have always tried to get our music 'to the people', and so the use of mp3 files and digital technologies has helped us to reach a larger audience. Our music is now accessible to almost anyone who wants to find it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Since May of 2003, SLOTERDIJK has once again been playing live performances. We look forward to several upcoming concerts scheduled forspring and summer 2007

Recent performances included 'The Philadelphia Electronic & Art Festival', May 2. 2004.

This performance was released as our 'PEMAF' CD.
Your influences?
The music of Sloterdijk is influenced by many artists, however UK 'space rock pioneers' Hawkwind, might top that list.

Other influences include Klaus Schulze, Harvey Bainbridge, The Pink Floyd ( 66-69 ) & The Orb.

Guitar influences include, Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd Langton, Syd Barrett, Buck Dharma, Rick Parfitt, Punky Meadows & Ace Frehley.
Favorite spot?
The Netherlands
Equipment used:
SLOTERDIJK employs an array of analogue and digital synthesizers, rhythmic prgramming devices, loops, and electric guitars. Sometimes the band is more automated that others, depending on the lineup at the time.
Anything else...?
Sloterdijk is actively seeking bookings for 2007-2008. Please contact us directly at the e-mail address provided on this site for booking inquiries.

Also if you wish to look at a discography just click to
Once there click the discography link.
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