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Loss (nyc)
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play hi-fi  pajamas
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play hi-fi  sadness of an age
play hi-fi  big fear of little things
play hi-fi  the lack
Loss is the result of sweat, tangled cables, and broken fingers, the months of barely holding on, and then a certain song saves you, at least for a few hours. It’s about writing songs that can still be listened to years from now, with choruses that might remind you of an old girlfriend who meant the world to you long ago, verses about the meaning and the feelings, not the editing and the autographs. The brainchild of Dan Snazelle, Loss is first about getting raw feeling onto tape/disk, onto the strings of the guitar or into the microphone, the result of trying to make records with immediacy and spontaneity in the recent world of digital recording, unlimited tracks, and Auto-tune. With his interest in new sounds, vintage electronics, the science of synthesis, and the art of converting emotions into digital data, Loss makes music that is uniquely now, while still being fully aware of the tradition it is part of.

Over the years as a member of countless bands, Dan Snazelle would come home to his home studio to find that many of his best ideas just didn’t fit into the framework of group songwriting, and as such Loss was born out of the desire to have total creative freedom. Dan's earliest noteworthy projects date back to the 1995 release of the first Bill Ding single, the duo between Dan and now infamous vocalist, Hefty Records / Slicker headman John Hughes III. Subsequently releasing two full length albums, one more single and an EP, Bill Ding attracted critical praise from both Europe and the states for their unique approach to deconstructing “pop” music, jazz, and hip-hop, blurring the lines between genres, incorporating everything from samplers to trumpet. Their second full length found its way into the CMJ Top Twenty. Bill Ding broke up after their final EP (Smilex) was released, but John and Dan worked together again in 2000 to collaborate on the soundtrack to the Italian film Scarlet Diva written and directed by Asia Argento.

In addition to these personal projects, Dan helped form and launch a now critically acclaimed 5 piece instrumental, live house/ space rock band known as La Makita Soma (Some Odd Pilot). The band produced 2 full-length albums and did well on college radio, while gaining airplay on MTV (Real World) and a feature on In 2001, Surveillance Records released a 12 inch of Dan Snazelle’s more decidedly house influenced electronic music. Presently, Dan is exploring the textures of Dub, folk, jazz, techno, psychedelic rock and countless other genres, writing music for television and film (Shipmates, Real World), adding to the Loss discography, and mixing and producing other NY artists.
Why this name?
Winger was taken
Do you play live?
Right now Loss is trying to set up some more shows.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it allows Loss to get the music to the people. cause the kids need the rock and roll on their digital machines.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, Loss is all about selling out NOW!!! who wants to starve???
Band History:
Well for now, let's just put up a brief history. Loss is the child of one Dan Snazelle, who has been in countless bands, as guitarist, singer, bassist, synth player, engineer, producer, techno loser, etc....He has done a lot of music in his liftime basically and Loss is the one constant throughout it all. He originally started out doing Loss on 4-track in high school, except it wasnt called Loss back then but it sort of sounded a bit like what later became Loss.Dan then went on and put out three records with John Hughes III as the songwriter in BILL DING (hefty and after they broke up Dan spent the next 4 years playing bass, guitar, and synths in LA MAKITA SOMA ( And in the last few years Loss has shed the shackled of lo-fi recording and stepped up to digital recording. Currently residing in NEW YORK CITY Dan is trying to cash in and get signed. (he certainly has enough material)
Your influences?
palace, la makita soma, bill ding, pavement, bright eyes, byrds, can, camper van beethoven, uncle tupelo, sebadoh, smog, drag city, flying saucer attack, the cure, the smiths, the clash, elvis costello, my bloody valentine, ride, slowdive, (ink.),low,jessamine, aphex twin,wedding present, pixies,and endless others.
herny miller, kerouac,burroughs,HST. wilson.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
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