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NEWS   *** Promo Machine is coming to a close. It's a 17-track album to help broadcast our sound operations and thus inflict widespread malfunction. It will be distributed to alternative music shops at home, and sent to select DJs.

*** Malfunction is looking for new live performance members (bass, keyboard, drums). We also offer electronic mix opportunities to those well versed in cracking down the ceilings of large dark indoor spaces!
Scott Supreme
New School
Collab w/ Scott Styles. DEALS: (Basic) ANY 3 FOR $50 / (Premium) ANY 3 FOR $80 / (TrackedOut-Unlimited) BUY1GET1FREE - Email For Exclusive -
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play hi-fi  Sleep
play hi-fi  Sickness
play hi-fi  Dark (Noize Fix Mix)
play hi-fi  Storm:Override
play hi-fi  Transform (Trip Domain Mix)
play hi-fi  Amplitude (Existential Surrealist Mix)

Generation Malfunction. Activate!

> [Dumping process core]
> Promo Machine Hi-Fi is almost finished!
> There are a few tracks that need a touch.
> We'll announce the release here.
> [Function name not bound]
> [System halted]

Links to other malfunct web cores:
malfunct at IUMA

Why this name?
We have had a lifelong interest in error.
Do you play live?
No, we do not play live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Eray (exa) and Arda (facehugger) had been jamming away at the little opportunities that presented themselves, but that wasn't really a band. When they met zebani they instantly knew that they could make something different. The experiments flowed from nu-metal to hardcore, modern rock, and industrial rock. In an accelerated evolution we found ourselves making alternative electronic music and industrial. A few songs were used as an experiment ground and you are going to see some of the results here. Later, exa dedicated himself to understanding the production aspects so we would be free of the overly expensive studio fees. Meanwhile, our work went into a stagnation period but it looks like we are picking up steam again. Our evolution is not yet done! We will make the music that cyborgs will want to listen hopefully it will be done *before* the age of cyborgs come :{
Your influences?
Thus our influences range from NIN, Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, KMFDM to Faith No More, Dream Theater, Sepultura and Slayer among many others. Our aim is making music that we ourselves would find something inside worth listening.
Favorite spot?
Places we have never been.
Equipment used:
We use whatever comes: PCs, FX procs, human remnants. An interesting software we use is: Buzz Tracker. Check it out at
Anything else...?
Malfunction is an audio process that seeks the machine in human and human in the machine.
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