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WAup WAup my name is Engers DAvance a solo producer well tryign to be. i started with producing like 3 years ago, never took it seriously though more like a hooby. I got my own style within spanish regge and getitgn into hip hop and rap
Why this name?
Engers Davance Edavance Productions very simple
Do you play live?
no up to now this is a hobby until i learn everthign i need to learn
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Indi producers like me can get their stuff noticed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i dont uderstand this question would I? who wouldnt? Well i would cuase then i can get my foot in the door.
Band History:
I started when i got a small keyboard for my birthday. i started playgin with it. learn a few things nothing great. I then proceeded to make tracks. this is the funny part. i didnt know anything about music production. thankfully my keyboard had a split and a recording function. I could only record 2 tracks in the keyboard memory. so i would do drums and bass, and magic happened. after i recoreded the drums and bass a free hand other 2 tracks(with the split function) I got a little creative and said hey i can get two taped recoders. i use 1 for recordign the 1st 2 tracks. then i record the last 2 over the 1st 2 track witht he second tape recoder. Qaulity was bad but it was a start. then i got a pc and learned about software sequencers and got hooked. that my history.
Your influences?
spanish rege
Favorite spot?
Dominican Republic