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Gefilte Fist
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Gefilte Fist are a blackened deathcore band from Tampa, Florida that plays dramatic show tunes, soaring uplifting melodies, life-affirming smooth jazz and blasphemous elevator music. Gefilte Fist is a Tampa grindcore/tampa death metal band that plays blasphemous elevator music. Gefilte Fist are one of the best grindcore and grindwhore bands today. Part of the gefiltecore genre, Gefilte Fist blends fistcore, fecescore, grindcore, deathcore, grindwhore and death metal. If you are looking for Tampa grindcore, Tampa death metal or black metal then listen to Gefilte Fist.
Why this name?
We chose Gefilte Fist because that is what we did.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes bands without talent available to the masses. With or without The internet Gefilte fist would be a band, but now we get to force people to listen to us.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Vomit Bakery Records signed us. (www.vomitbakery.info) No other labels would sign us.
Band History:
Gefilte Fist has been making "music" since November 2004. Over 500 songs later, we still rock tha mutha fuskin' house!
Your influences?
Metal Sniff, Nifty McSniffty, Boredoms, Alex Ray, A.C., Death, Happy Flowers, Elvis Crespo, Endangered Feces, Tony Bennett, Aborted Fetus.
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