The Monty Guitar Tyler Band
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play hi-fi  I've Been Waiting For you
play hi-fi  Something ain't right here
play hi-fi  Sweet Dreams of Texas
play hi-fi  I'm leavin' you
play hi-fi  Shadow of My Soul
play hi-fi  Call Me
play hi-fi  Hang On
Welcome to The Monty Guitar Tyler Band
Why this name?
I named the band after myself. I played in a number of bands and everyone knew me so I figured it would work
Do you play live?
We love to play live. It's a blast to get the audience "into" the music and performance. It's one of the things we do best as a band. We want the listener to go home feeling like they just witnessed a great live concert.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it gives all bands an opportunity to get their music "out there".
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Are they trying to get in touch with me?
Band History:
The band has undergone a few changes in the last two years. First was the addition of keyboardist Bret Cline. We immediately nicknamed him the Professor as his musical talent is incredible. He's a great player with unbelievable talent. Next was the addition of Mel "Melvis" Nolte on Bass. Mel walked in one night when we were having problems with our bass player and basically sat in with the band and took over the job of playing bass with us. Russ "Griswald" Carey plays drums. Russ and I have been playing together the longest through a variety of "garage bands". He and I are the OLD GUYS in the band. Last is Shufflin' Sean Williams. Sean is a great guitar player and also helps the band with sound and lighting. Sean is a guy that you can depend on gig after gig to be there ready to rock. I am Monty Guitar Tyler. I love playing guitar and singing to live audiences. The thrill is definately not gone and never will be.
Your influences?
There are a number on influences that come to mind. Stevie Ray Vaughn is number one but that doesn't mean we only play his style. We try to play with his emotion. Jimi Hendrix is another big influence. The guys in the band each have their own influences which tend to meld into our playing style.
Favorite spot?
I love Austin Texas for what it represents. New York is hard to beat.
Equipment used:
Fender Super Amp
Fender Strat and Behringer IXE
Anything else...?
We would like to thank everyone who has listened to our two songs on "Hang On" is near the top of the Blues Charts and "Call me" is doing well in the Power Pop Charts. It is exciting to know that people like your music. Thanks also to for making it possible for us "nonames" to get our music out there to the public.
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