Freek Van Workum Music
Graduated w/ Hook (Migos / Young Thug Type Beat)
Instrumentals with Hooks
Future or Migos type trap banger with hook. Prod. Credits; Kid Ink, Doe B, TI, BoB, 2Chainz, Chinx, Tech N9ne, Young Dro and many more.
NEWS   Just found a Steve Earle book titled'' Hard core troubadour the life and near death o STEVE EARLE.
Interesting read.
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Pancho And Lefty Was written by TOWNES VAN ZANT. This cover is a a flat out classic tune. Rearranged and given a new verse and changed some lyrics to reflect my life and make this song more 'mine'. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to cindykins!!! RLspencer
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Classic Rock, three kinds of Blues, (King music)Reggae, Ska, Country, Classical and a slew of songs to choose from.

I appreciate your interest in my homegrown dittys.
There are a series of discs available with my complete works

Thanks for listenin'...

Why this name?
Arellspencer is my online name.
Do you play live?
I like and enjoy playing out.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I'd be unable to share my tunes otherwise
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I doubt it very seriously. maybe for enough cash up front. i mean, cash talks, and you know the rest...
Band History:
I've been at this now for more that twenty-five years.
Your influences?
the list is endless. every thing turns to jazz after a while. After one learns so many songs,( and it's a lot of songs from a lot of places and genres): after a while you begin doing jazz stuff. (PROMISES)
Favorite spot?
Rainbow Arizona and Nashville tennesee. The hall of fame lounge on music row.
Equipment used:
stratocasters and tube amps . For recording i currently use Peavey22 vocal and some older pencil condenser mics for acoustic work. . acoustic/electric for live performances.(SAMICK D4CE)
Anything else...?
Thanks GOD for the gifts you've seen fit to bestow and thank you secret listeners for allowing me to share my efforts with you.