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Future's Sword
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02/14/09 @ 07:26 PM     3 comments
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This track is heavily inspired by Mike Smith's awesome music smile :) Thanks again Mike!
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Have Some Epic

Z Music

Debut CD: Shrubbery of Darkness

Through a Dark Wood (Soundtrack)

Youtube channel (music videos and tutorials)

I am a composer who has edited, arranged, and performed music for over 100 episodes of Dragonball Z.
I also wrote the score for Activision's Empires, Dawn of the Modern World.

Now I work as a test developer (programmer) for Microsoft's Xbox platform.
Why this name?
Morganstudios is my company name (I am Scott Morgan) This account is for metal music since I can only pick one style.
Do you play live?
Seattle WA
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Can destroy the record companies :) Yay, more profits for musicians if we get it working right. The record industry has some awful traditions in place that seem they will never improve on.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I dunno, it doesn't seem like they aren't really all that great of a thing these days to me. They would have to talk me into it.
Band History:
Worked on DBZ out of college, I also scored the soundtrack for the game Empires Dawn of the Modern World. Now I work as a test developer(programmer) for Xbox at Microsoft. I still write music in my spare time.
Your influences?
Metal influences are Metallica, Korn, Pantera, Linkin' Park, Sevendust, Rammstein, Puya, NIN.
Favorite spot?
hmm, dunno. I'd like to move back to Dallas.
Equipment used:
I use a PC with lots of software, like Cubase, Komplete 8, Wavelab, some Voxengo plugins. I have a Washburn MG-94 electric guitar and an Ibanez 7 string. My amp is a Line 6 Vetta II, but much of the stuff on this site was done with my old Flextone II. I use a K2500 for MIDI and a lot of sounds. Also have a QSR8. Handsonic 10 for inputing drum parts. It rocks! I have a lot of sample libraries too...EWQLSO Gold Complete, EWQL Symphonc Choirs, Heavocity's Damage, Roland Orch Family, Roland Rhythm Section, Advanced Orchestra Brass, Voices of Apocalypse, Symphony of Voices, Roland Orchestral Winds1, East West's Boesendorfer 290 Piano, Artist Drums, East West's RA, GigaStrings, Giga Harp, Voices of Passion, Storm Drums II...various stuff for the K2500, etc...

Omnisphere is on my wishlist.
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