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Blues and Beer
Blues and Beer
B&B Live
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B&B´s charismatic live performance on stage
For The Night
Dirty South
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Blues & Beer is a brazilian bluesrock band that is heavily influenced by the powerful electric energy of 60´s Rock and the intense deep feelings of classic Blues.
The current line-up, after several personnel changes through the years, is Tavinho Rangel (electric/acoustic guitars and vocals), Leo Guimarães (guitar), Gustavo Gama (acoustic and electric bass), Tata Legnar (drums). Tavinho is the band’s singer and one of its guitarists, and also contributes as producer and composer – leading the band for over a decade, playing in different theaters, nightclubs, cultural centers, universities, and local festivals.

When performing on stage, Blues&Beer plays a varied setlist, ranging from their own material to classic blues covers from renowned icons such as B.B.King, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Peter Green, and many others.

In the studio, Blues&Beer has focused more on their own original material and that of other Brazilian musicians, releasing two albums sung in Portuguese. “Até o último gole” (Until the last gulp) was band´s debut CD, featuring a more vibrant and classical blues sound, blending an open harmonica style with two guitars over the solid foundation laid down by the bass and drums. The band´s latest release, “Ressaca” (Hangover), shows how the band´s sound has matured, experimenting with alternative styles and instrumental line-ups, using acoustic bass, saxophones, keyboards and percussion, while still maintaining the blues feel that is a fundamental part of their identity.

As Rio de Janeiro is truly a Marvelous City, the vibe of Blues&Beer is positive and relaxed, like of the Brazilian people. However, it is undeniable that blues is at the core of their groove, as can be heard on the recordings of “Casa, Comida & Roupa Lavada”, “Intenção Blues”, “Volta Pra Mim”, “Blues & Beer”, “Ressaca” and “Sem Final Feliz”, where Sunny Brazil meets Sweet Home Chicago.

2017 brings new possibilities and hope. Tavinho and the gang are in the studio, starting a new album. If you’d like to hear more of the band, or more about the band, you can find photos, bios, interviews, videos and audio outtakes at www.myspace.com/tavinhorangel
Why this name?
Well, I?ve noticed that almost everytime I was listening or playng blues I used to be with a can of beer on my hands.
Do you play live?
Yeah! In the beginning, we used to play in the Rio´s blues stages - bars, nightclubs, festivals and small theaters spread the city. Since our first CD release we have played a lot of times abroad. . We have improved a lot due to the increasing number of concerts and gigs we have done. Among many special times, a very special moment was an unforgettable gig at Bourbon Street Nightclub, Sao Paulo, where we shared stage with FOCUS. I still remember all the joy and vibration we got from the audience.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has already changed ! There?s no way back.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We need to read the contract first...
Band History:
Since the band got together, we have played in almost all of the Rio de Janeiro?s blues bars circuit and released three CDs: "Ao Vivo & Acustico" (Live & Accoustic)- an unplugged live concert."Ate o ultimo gole" (Till the last guzzle)- a studio CD only with original own songwriting material, and "Ressaca" ("Hangover"), a second studio album with new original songwriting and two renowned cover tracks.
Your influences?
Rolling Stones
Peter Green´s Fleetwood Mac
Eric Clapton
BB King
The Beatles
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Epiphone guitars and Fender amps
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